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STUFF4 Phone Case/Cover/Skin / SGJ716 / Sports Balls Collection

This pack includes: 1 x Protective Case carrying the Pool/Billiards design from the Sports Balls collection

Protect your Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) with these designer hard back cases. Made from toughened polycarbonate plastic, they will protect your phone from bumps and scratches and keep it in pristine condition. These cases come with the Pool/Billiards design printed directly into the back surface to bring life and style to any smartphone. These designs were carefully crafted here in the UK by our in-house team of specialist designers and they are transferred directly on the cases using the very latest in case decoration technology.

Image Representation: Please note that all images used are for illustrative purposes only and may not always be a perfect representation of the product being purchased. We do always try to portray the best possible likeness but areas such as the colour and design positioning may vary slightly.

Product Features

  • Design: Pool/Billiards
  • Compatible With: Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)
  • Material: toughened polycarbonate plastic
  • Access Slots: Mute, Volume, Camera, Audio Jack, Dock Connector
  • Fitting: Easy Snap-On / Snap-Off

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How To Buy Beginner Golf Clubs


How to buy beginner golf clubs.Buy new or use? My Buddy Carlos needed a beginner set of clubs but both of us did not feel that paying a few hundred dollars for a beginner set was REALLY necessary, so we went to the regular stores to check things out. After realizing that most of the brick and mortar stores only sold their golf club sets online only, we searched the internet and found EATON’S GOLF in Long Beach, California. The Owner is Glen Eaton, who was the NICEST person you could imagine. He knew we did not have much money and on the phone he said he could put together a set for us for $100, so we went and BAM!!! Just like that, Carlos had his set. Carlos then bought a glove and some golf balls for a really awesome price and then we were off on our Golf Journey. I love stores like these, because you get to interact with the Owner and EVERYTHING you need about your Golfing needs, Glen can hook you up. I mean, shoot, Eaton’s Golf has been around for over 30 YEARS so I am sure they do know a thing or two about golf. By the way, Glen had no idea that I was going to make this video or even put it up, so this is a totally unsolicited video promoting his store. If you are in the Long Beach area and you need some specialized attention for your Golfing needs, please go visit Eaton’s Golf and tell Glen that you saw the video. You won’t get a discount since it is already really good prices, but at least I will get some street cred right??? 8)

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How To Increase Golf Swing Speed – Hip Rotation Stretch Tip

0-45 Mike Pedersen Golf Exercise Workout Trainer shows you a simple golf stretch to increase your golf swing speed by increasing hip rotation range of motion; resulting in more power, and ultimately distance.

Immobility in the hip region is very common among the older golfer, and unless you address this with effective golf stretches and exercises like the one in this video, you’ll be one frustrated golfer for years to come.

That’s why I’ve put together a series of golf stretches in my Golf Stretching DVD that ONLY take 7 minutes per day! There are 4 segments on the DVD so you can alternate them for variety.

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Universal Bike Phone Mount by VeloHand. Bicycle Cell Phone Holder. Easily Fitted to Handlebars of Road, Mountain or Exercise Bikes. Adjustable Cradle Securely Fits Most Mobile Phones


You Want – Easy access to your smartphone whilst on your bike.

You Need – A strong bike phone mount to hold your phone securely whilst riding.

You Desire – A universal bike phone holder that will accommodate different phone sizes and mount on a variety of handlebars.

You Get – Everything you want, need and desire with the VeloHand Universal Bike Phone Mount.

Your smartphone goes everywhere with you – Commuting on your hybrid, riding your road bike or tackling the trails on your mtb, your cell phone is probably there with you. In your pocket? Uncomfortable. In your pack? Inconvenient. With the VeloHand Universal Bicycle Phone Mount you can securely fit your phone to the handlebars so it is highly visible and easily accessible, great for GPS navigation or receiving calls.

Easy installation on a variety of handlebars – Unlike some bike phone holders, the VeloHand Bike Phone Holder is made of strong plastic and comes fully assembled. The moving parts are thumb screw driven, no tools required! Simply unscrew the clamp to position and fit your mount, re-screw to fix in place. The mount can also be fitted on your exercise bike, golf push cart, stroller buggy and shopping cart handlebars.

What a view – With 360-degree rotation, the VeloHand Cell Phone Mount can be positioned to suit you. Prefer a landscape view of your GPS, portrait view of your fitness tracker? Whatever your preference just lock in the angle you want.

Get a grip – The VeloHand Bike Phone Holder doesn’t rely on rubber bands to hold your cell; four extendable arms hug your phone in all four corners. When locked in to position it keeps your cell safe and secure with its solid grip. Inlaid rubber in the corner holders helps absorb shocks.

Attractive packaging – making an ideal gift, take advantage of our BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE offer and treat the cyclist in your life.

Product Features

  • NEVER MISS A TURN: now you can safely mount your cell phone on your handlebars, set the phone’s GPS, and enjoy a worry-free ride!
  • RIDE WITH CONFIDENCE: our extra secure bicycle phone mount has four padded arms to securely hold your cell phone in place, so you can ride happy.
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNT: adjustable from a minimum phone size of 2.24 x 4.52 inches to a maximum phone size of 3.54 x 7.08 inches, our Universal Bike Phone Mount will securely fit most cell phones available on the market today including iPhone, Samsung, Google, Nokia, Motorola, Sony and more! Also fits GPS and other devices.
  • FULLY ROTATABLE: you can rotate the bike phone holder thru 360 degrees as well as tilt it up and down so you can get exactly the best angle for your personal riding position.
  • EASY TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION: the cell phone holder can be fitted in a couple of minutes and will stay secure and at your desired angle thanks to the supplied gripper pads.

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The Fluid Motion Factor: Understanding the Source of Exceptional Golf


Jason Kokrak: Golf Swing Analysis


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There seem to be more and more guys like Kokrak playing their way onto the Tour, extra- large physically while being technically sound with a fluid motion that produces what appears to be effortless power. I really like his posture at address, and I will show this to students to demonstrate an athletic stance, ready for action with the weight out onto the balls of the feet. Jason’s swing is notable for its compactness, with a huge early turn of the upper trunk with a ton of ground compression to start the swing and a hard catch at the top. I prefer a softer arm look at address, but he is able to carry a fairly rigid right arm all the way to the top with no ill effects on the rest of his swing, which takes tremendous trunk mobility. His recent swings show a beautiful “out” move with the hands in transition, not at all like the swings from last year, in which the hands drop much more vertically from the top. It would be interesting to ask him if he had switched from trying to draw the ball to hitting more of a left to right shot, but it’s possible (though not likely) that the difference in the swings from year to year were due to the specific shots being struck and not a general trend. Another thing that stands out is his dynamic leg action, which drives big time 45 degrees left of target and uses the ground perfectly. All in all, great action which should continue to show up on leaderboards moving forward.

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Golf Swing Body Turn Lesson FOOD


Golf Swing Body Turn Lesson FOOD. Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru talks about body turn in the golf swing and how to improve your swing with some simple ideas around shoulder and hip turn. Filmed at Las Colinas Golf and Country Club in Spain Mark helps golfers from all around the world with their golf swings.

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Encore Select 145-04 20 x 24 Deluxe Frame – Tiger Woods & Michael Jordan


Encore Select offers fan products that come directly from the top athletes We offer a full line of products including baseballs footballs basketballs jerseys and other handsigned memorabilia Our autographic item comes with a certificate of authenticity Our inhouse design team along with our manufacturing division work hand in hand to create those special items for the crazed enthusiast We pride ourselves in creating unique collectables at a great value Features. Deluxe Frame Tiger Woods and Michael JordanSpecifications. Dimension 3 H x 14 W x 11 L. Weight 3 lbs

Product Features

  • Deluxe Frame – Tiger Woods and Michael JordanSpecifications
  • Dimension: 3 H x 14 W x 11 L
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Excellent Quality.

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LEARN HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR GOLF SWING. These golf lessons provide great feedback for your golf swing. Watching my in person lessons is guaranteed to make you more knowledgable and improve YOUR golf swing overall.


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Cradlz S3 Smartphone Holster with Flexible Tripod


Cradlz smartphone holster adjusts to hold any smartphone and is designed to clip directly onto an alignment rod allowing golfers to easily execute consistent, stable, hands free recordings of their swing. Also the new, S3 version includes a flexible tripod which allows the holster to be attached to a variety of different surfaces. The tripod can stand alone or be attached to a golf bag, golf club, golf cart, etc. Analyzing your swing is now fast and easy.

Product Features

  • Cradlz is capable of holding any smartphone and can be clipped directly to an alignment rod
  • Cradlz comes with a flexible tripod that can stand alone or be wrapped around nearly any surface
  • Cradlz makes recording and analyzing your swing “hands-free” extremely fun, easy and effective
  • Cradlz can be used on the driving range, putting green, on the course or at home/office
  • Cradlz is very simple to use and works quickly for immediate swing analysis

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