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Rukket – Golf Training Aid Golf Swing Tempo and Strength / Flexibility Trainer (48 inches)


Rukket Red Head Golf Strength and Tempo Trainer

The Rukket Red Head golf warm-up and swing tempo trainer is intuitive by design. We combine a counterweighting system with a flexible shaft working together to promote the natural golf swing motion unique to each person. Our trainer will improve your swing while providing feedback and a core muscle workout. It encourages a flatter swing plane and requires the lower body to initiate your downswing, meaning you SLICE LESS!

– Durable solid core molded silicone head weighs approximately 1lb

– Train your eyes to focus on the swing plane visualizer as it passes where you would normally hit the golf ball. Improve your ability to see the actual contact between club and ball when on the course.

– Two white lines keep your focus on a clean flat swing. Ben Hogan would be proud!

– Flexible fiberglass shaft teaches lag and eliminates early release

– Built of a solid core molded with silicone rubber, flexible fiberglass sheathed in a thick outer rubber casing and comfortable golf grip

– Strengthen your core golf muscles for better endurance and performance

– Two size options: 48 inches or 40 inches long

– Fits in your golf bag and is legal to carry and use in-round

Use the Rukket Red Head swing trainer before, during, and after each round or at the practice range. Every day use of our golf swing trainer will promote rhythm and balance of your swing. Practice smarter by focusing on your swing dynamics using the visualizer. Train your vision to see the “white flash” of the swing plane visualizer to boost your eyes’ ability to focus on a fast moving object and improve and see your actual contact with a golf ball. Use the best golf warm-up and swing tempo trainer on the market from Rukket Sports, your leader in golf training products! Contact Rukket Sports directly here or on our website with any inquiries, we are always happy to help our customers.

Product Features

  • IMPROVE: (48″) take your game to the next level, our swing trainer strengthens and adds flexibility to core golf muscles and flattens your swing plane. Our two unique white lines visually indicate your swing plane.
  • LEARN: the flexible fiberglass shaft and counterweighted system teach lag and helps you to synchronize your arms with your body. Use the swing plane visualizer train your eyes on a fast moving target, to make more solid contact each hit.
  • ALL ROUND USE: ideal for pre-, mid-, and post range time or 18 holes when playing (legal to carry). The Rukket Red Head Golf Strength and Tempo Trainer provides a low-impact stretch at anytime during your round of golf.
  • Which one is for you? The 48″ length is ideal for someone 5′ 6″ or taller, however, stronger or more experienced golfers can use it without difficulty. The 40″ length is appropriate for someone under 5′ 6″.
  • PEACE OF MIND: click ‘Add to Cart’ with confidence knowing you have the Rukket Sports Fair Play Guarantee behind each purchase, 30-day money back and our LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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Arccos Driver Tracking System

Arccos Driver is a performance tracking and live competition system, featuring advanced GPS, live stats and global competitions. Arccos Driver delivers real-time data for tee shot distances, fairways hit and more. The single-sensor platform achieves this by automatically detecting each drive and recording second shot position all without the need for tagging or other annoying disruptions.

Product Features

  • Includes a single sensor specifically calibrated to track driver statistics
  • Uses GPS and Bluetooth technology to map your shots to a bird’s-eye view of the course
  • Capture and share your best drives with friends and the Arccos community
  • Sensor attaches easily to any driver grip
  • Pair directly to free iPhone or Android app for easy tracking

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Chris Ryan takes a look at the Gabe Golf Swing Trainer, reviews it and explains exactly what it is and what it can do for your game.

►Subscibe to Chris Ryan Golf for more instruction!

►Feel free to comment in the box below about this video or any other video you would like Chris to do.

►Golf lessons avilable with Chris at The Belfry Hotel and Resort, contact Chris for further information.



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Golf Trading Card Collector Box w/ 500 Cards – Nice Mixture – Includes Tiger Woods


Guaranteed 1 Tiger Woods card per lot! This box will contain over 500 golf trading cards. Years, brands and golfers will vary- every lot is different!

Product Features

  • Every lot is unique and guaranteed to contain at least 1 Tiger Woods card!
  • Brands may include Upper Deck, Pro Set and more
  • Years range 1980’s-present
  • Perfect for new collectors
  • Gift-ready in a durable white cardboard box

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NCAA Wood Fence Sign, 11″ x 17″

The Weight Shift in Golf Swing


Understanding a key component in the golf swing with Jim McLean.

In order to play well and maximize distance: you have to get your weight shift right. Solidify this aspect of your golf swing and be amazed at how the rest falls into place.

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4.38 Inch Santa Claus Taking Swing Golf Theme Christmas Ornament


This gorgeous 4.38 Inch Santa Claus Taking Swing Golf Theme Christmas Ornament has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere! 4.38 Inch Santa Claus Taking Swing Golf Theme Christmas Ornament is truly remarkable.4.38 Inch Santa Claus Taking Swing Golf Theme Christmas Ornament Details: ; Condition: Brand New ; Item SKU: SS-ATD-61719 ; Dimensions: H: 4.38 x W: 3 x D: 2.25 (Inches)

Product Features

  • Perfect gift for those that love Ornament
  • Great craftmanship.
  • Measurement: H: 4.38 x W: 3 x D: 2.25

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Nike 62″ Tiger Woods Windsheer II Auto-Open Golf Umbrella


The Nike 62 Tiger Woods Windsheer II Auto-Open umbrella features the following: Patented Wind-Release System prevents inverting during a storm or high winds Reinforced fiberglass shaft and FRP frame for strength and flexibility Push button auto-open feature allows easy, effortless opening Tiger Woods design trademark printed on upper and lower canopy panels Swoosh design trademark printed on two panels of the lower canopy Two color customer contoured 100% rubber handle with Swoosh design medallion on end Canopy and sheath made of 210T nylon

Product Features

  • Condition: New
  • Color: Black/Carmine
  • Type: Golf Umbrella

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Tiger Woods Platinum by Nike Men’s Brown Polo Shirt


Dri-FIT: Wicks Perspiration to keep you dry and comfortable.
Nike swoosh embossed buttons on placket
Nike swoosh on right back shoulder
with Side Vents
| Dri-Fit

Brand: Tiger Woods Platinum by Nike
Color: Brown
Pattern: Patterned
Retail Price: $100
Style: Polo Shirts
Material: 100% Polyester
Label Care: Machine Wash
Made In: Thailand
Sport: Golf
Front Style: Buttons
Closure: 3
Collar Style: Traditional
Sleeve Length: Short Sleeve
Cuff Style: Hemmed Cuffs
Back Style: Plain
Vent Style: Side
Hem Style: Flat
Front Pockets: 0
Pockets: Flat / No Pocket

Product Features

  • Dri-FIT: Wicks Perspiration to keep you dry and comfortable.
  • Nike swoosh embossed buttons on placket
  • Nike swoosh on right back shoulder
  • with Side Vents
  • | Dri-Fit

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Charles Barkley and the smoothest golf swing ever

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