10 Most Annoying People on a Golf Course

Voice over: Michael Robles
Written: Jason Rossi
Music: Odyssey, I wish I could be there


Almost everyone who’s ever picked up a golf club dreams about being a PGA Tour winner. It’s a nice dream to have, but most of us can barely swing a golf club, and too many of us don’t know how to act on a golf course.

Let’s take a quick look at the 10 most annoying people nobody likes on a golf course. There’s no excuse for (No. 3) unless you’re an 8-year-old child playing golf for the first time, and everybody simply laughs at the most annoying person (No. 1).


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  1. How about:
    – golfers who walk into or stand behind your line of play as u r hitting your shot;
    – golfers in the following flight parking their carts next to ur tee box and talking loudly as u r teeing off;
    – golfers who keep showing impatience and teeing off before u have left the fairway on your 2nd shot, when the whole course is backed up anyway;
    – golfer who acts holy but cheats;
    – golfer who sucks up to everyone.
    The list cannot end! 😜🤣🤣🤣

  2. 1.Two guys riding in the same cart. One is a chronic slicer and his bud is Captain Hook.
    2. The practice swinger.
    3. The Mulligan guy.
    4. The blabbermouth.
    5. The guy who never watches where his ball goes.
    6. The spike dragger.
    7. The, "That one HAD to go 380." guy.
    My favorite from you was the Calvin Klein guy and I am very glad to see that someone else hates them as much as I do. LOL!