1965 Shell Golf: Ben Hogan vs Sam Snead

Arguably two of the greatest golfers to ever play the game, Hogan with 64 tour wins and Snead with 82 tour wins duel it out at the Houston Country Club in Texas. Enjoy and please remember to subscribe!

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  1. damn, this is pretty amazing how well these 2 played, even without all this new technology. Amazing sportsmanship as well at the end. Thank you so much for uploading these videos!

  2. Master ball striker! You are a legend, most golfers have never seen this type of rare footage WOW thank you!

  3. An exhibition of ball striking from the both of them. I wish there was more footage of Hogan from around the time he wrote "Power Golf". Boy he hit it long then (I am a long driver and obsessed with distance okay?! Haha)

  4. Pop stroke on those wet greens. The best Shell video other than Pine Valley. Thanks mate, wanna use my Apex II 's again!