1998 Golf Driver VS 2018 Golf Driver (20 Year Test)

Rick Shiels tests the Ping Tisi Tec Driver from (1998) against the latest Ping G400 Max Driver (2018) on GCQUAD

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  1. You know as well as me Rick, the shaft is the engine that drives the head. So to me the vast difference of carry and total drive distance was more the result of the shaft, not the head.

  2. Just bought the ping g a couple of days ago and absolutely love it!! Incredible difference between my calaway driver I was hitting before.

  3. Love the comparison Rick! In summary we learned that a good player gained 11 years through the modern ball, and 16 yards through the modern driver for a total of 27 yards over the last 20 years. Can't wait for your next video on the topic to confirm this.

  4. Great vid, Rick! Can you get the true lifts of each club tested? You’ve launched the older driver much higher with a lot more spin – would be interesting to see how much of that is due to any difference in loft

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