2015 NCAA Champion Bryson Dechambeau – Single Plane golf swing analysis

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  1. Interesting to see how this fellow has taken single plane principles, and built a simple, repeatable swing that he OWNS. I'd be keen to learn more about his personal background … i.e. no mention of a swing "doctor," a shrink, nor a nutritionist and posse of hangers-on. Thanks for posting, Kirk.

  2. I hope you're right. I will follow the progress of Dechambeau. The game, at the highest level, has room for guys who escape the cookie cutter to master a unique swing and a mental approach all their own. See Lee Trevino, he of the ultra-flat swing and sizable chip on the shoulder. "Somebody's got to win these golf tournaments. Might as well be me." And so he did.

  3. Hi Kirk. Do you ever do clinics in europe, like the ones you do in Florida this year at graves? Best Morten

  4. Today at the range I tried the single plane swing and with my driver I was hitting further than I ever before. After about the first 15 it seem like 3 of 5 would be a pull straight left from my target. Any idea of why? I would love to switch to that swing but if I'm hitting them all left I would still be in the rough. Lol. Thanks in advance for the help

  5. Interesting how much more upright he his than moe. Ive had the super oversized grips for over a year and found them quite comfy. Jumbomax has something explaining the balance of the club withthe extra weight.