2018 World’s Smartest Golf Training Aid and Swing Analyzer Golf App Swing Profile Free

Download Swing Profile golf app now for FREE!

Swing Profile is:
* World’s Fastest Golf Swing Analyzer. Point at your own golf swing and Swing Profile will automatically detect and record your golf swing, and also:
– Automatically trim the video to just the 2-second swing motion
– Automatically draw swing plane
– Automatically create golf sequence
– Automatically synchronize the new golf swing with model golf swing for easy comparison

* Best Golf Training Aid. Set up the device to point at your own golf swing. Once the swing is detected, Swing Profile will immediately play back your swing in slow motion so you can spot flaws easily. The operation is completely handsfree. Just like a mirror – only better (because you can never see your full swing using a mirror!)

* Best Coaching tool. Loads of custom-built features for the busy golf coaches such as:
– High speed recording at up to 240 fps
– Telestration voice over recording for making video lessons
– Built-in chat system for easy communication with students
– Built-in notepad for keeping track of student progress

Download the free app now! http://apple.co/1SVqos8

Contact : info@swingprofile.com
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/swingprofile
Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/swingprofile
Website : http://www.swingprofile.com

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