In this weeks Impact Show PGA Golf coaches Piers Ward and Andy Proudman go through the most common swing faults that affect your ball striking. Showcasing a drill for each, to help fix the fault you are struggling with the most.


COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you’d like to see next!

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  1. Over rotating in my back swing, especially for longer clubs, then swinging outside-in with open face to path, slicing the ball.

  2. I struggle with not hitting the ball to where i want to ๐Ÿ˜‚ No i struggle with getting my hips to start the downswing

  3. Put a pin to call these the "Butt-cheek " drills. Then just watch the views skyrocket! Lmbao! Sorry, it's a Monday!

  4. Wrist cock at the top followed by an over the top movement on the downswing follwed by alot of four letter words.

  5. Thanks I'll practice without a club in school instead of doing and paying attention to my maths

  6. TrackMan sessions with videos have revealed two distinct swing faults: 1) At the top of my backswing when I start my down swing I immediately drive my right elbow down and to my side producing what my brother calls a "crunched up" look. This changes the angle of my shoulders by lowering my right shoulder. 2) Because of my bad back (I'm 67) I rise/stand up prior to and at impact (what you referred to as "early extension") resulting in approximately a 7 degree shift in shaft angle (forward) from address to when I make contact. I assume this is because amazingly my mind and body know without thinking that standing up will pull the club head closer to my body and away from the ball so I naturally extend my hands about 3-4 inches further away from my body at impact than where they started at address. Also, my right leg is 1" shorter than my left and coupled with my bad back, my bio-mechanics are pretty screwed up.

  7. Firing the hips and getting the upper body stuck in a closed position compared to my hips causing me to be to inside causing a big hook or flipping of the wrists.

  8. Started playing since August and i'm having trouble doing cosistent iron shots. One issue is that my swing is to much V-shape when it has to be perpendicular to the ground in I -shape. It s caused by being bit to far from the ball i believe.

    Thanks for the tip to have the losest point of swing after ball!

  9. I've been watching the Honma Hong Kong Open the past few days. What a job you guys have done with Rai. Impressive stuff. Couldn't have happened to two nicer coaches. Congrats to you both!

  10. Have you two been watching me play? These are my most common faults. Great video, going to have to watch this one a bunch.

  11. Biggest issue for me is woods or hybrids of the floor. They go everywhere except where I want them too. A video on this would help!!

  12. Hi boys
    I hit centre of golf club but keep hitting low in the club face whatโ€™s the fix thanks joe

  13. Well that's why mats don't help because you can't tell where you struck the ground in relation to where the ball was.

  14. Is it possible for you to start using shot tracer I think it would add even more to your already great videos

  15. My Biggest swing fault has got to be when I drink one beer per hole. I find that a more successful round presents itself when I smoke a nice Marley, instead, of the finest chub-chubs!