Chris Ryan shows you just how versatile a hybrid club can be by showing you 3 different uses for it out on the golf course.

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  1. Very good advice Sir👌👌 ….. I enjoy using hybrid club for 1st (par 3) , 2nd and 3rd shots, and for long chip near the putting green. I prefer less club to use for more consistent swing.

  2. This club in reality is not a new idea, it infact resembles some of the earliest clubs from the days when hickory shafts were the norm.
    Its this knowledge that has made me more accepting of them than would otherwise have been, as I love my 3 and 4 iron, but for me I would actually consider it as a club that replaces the 5 wood, which was a club that for many a year sat in players bags.
    The one shot this video misses out is the shot out of light rough. It is handy off tee and fairway, but can be that club to play from first cut a light to medium rough. When you think about early golf courses and that they were not the manicured lawns we see today, its easy to see why the early hickory example of this club evolved, and why when courses became manicured, they disappeared from bags and were forgotten about. Its only they have a new name for this new millennium.

  3. Same as most, way too much talk , words, for content delivered. You golf pros need to take a lesson from gary player and cut the verbage down to half. Geez, way too long!

  4. I affirm the flexibility of the hybrid and actually the confidence it gives you. Recently I walked the course for many rounds just with six clubs – no putter even- using the hybrid as the putter also and my score was as good as when I had the full set- the hybrid was the most used club

  5. I actually putt off the green with my 3 wood. I am a very confident chip/pitcher but if the greens are super fast or hard, i will opt for ye ol 3w putt. I have thought about using my hybrid but its a 16 degree 2HY and the loft scares me, i am afraid of getting that ball up with no spin and running off the green. my 3 wood is 13 degrees and rolls more like a putter off the green. Great video. Thank you Chris.

  6. I choose to use my hybrid for punch shots out of the trees, instead of a 4 or 5 iron, the hybrid takes less energy in the swing and will go straighter – great for punching out 150 up the green between several trees, etc.

  7. Absolutely love my Taylormade Stage 2 19 degree tour hybrid, I also have an older Taylormade 22 degree hybrid, I want to find a Stage 25 degree for use in winter, I always tee it up low and I use both the hybrid and 3 woods around the green, I call them my Texas wedges, no insult intended, that's what we call them in Australia 😉 !

  8. you say the club wont allow a divot.well mr daly can take a divot..fact.and hybrids have a springy face.so you dont want to be chipping onto the green.you get a hot one from time to time.so all in all you have just talked shit for 11minutes

  9. Thanks for the video, Chris. My irons are Ping Karsten cavity backs which hit great. Reasonably long, high and very forgiving. The two hybrids which came with the set are a 3h and a 4h. After 4 years of trying to hit the hybrids, I have found them to be the most frustrating clubs in my bag. I’ve tried hitting like irons, hitting like fairway woods, steep, shallow, easy, hard…all i can hit with them are worm burners. Consequently, i don’t even put them in my bag anymore. I replaced them with a 7 metal wood, which i hit very well. Considering how well i hit ALL my clubs with the exception of the two hybrids, I know I am doing something desperately wrong. What are the most common mistakes a duffer like me makes with hybrids? Thank you from Texas!

  10. 275 yard roll out? Im looking for a club that i can CARRY 175 from the fairway. I would be shooting 70's every time if i found this club! Oh yes–most people dont hit it as far as they think they do.

  11. What have the game of Golf become? All you need today is a hybrid, a sand wedge and a putter. At least if you're happy with being 85 or above. Back in the 1980s' a hybrid was the club of shame – only used by old men and those who really struggled with hitting the ball.

  12. Chris, Thank you very much for taking the time to enlighten me about the hybrid clubs. I play with a set and find them very forgiving and I place the ball with more accuracy when in the grass, but I did not realize the various ways to use them. Very Good Video.