This weeks impact show shows 3 death moves that golfers do with the driver that limits your power and accuracy. For each death move is a simple fix to help eliminate them and help you drive the golf ball longer and straighter.



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  1. I began noticing how you moved your right leg or knee inwards as you make the forward swing. As a relatively novice level golfer, I've had problems with skying the ball frequently. I tried using that leg movement (on my left leg, since I'm a left handed golfer) and it seemed to help reduce my skying problem somewhat. I could be mistaken, but is that knee/leg movement important to prevent skying?

  2. hey guys.
    I am struggeling with my wegde game (short game) I keep either topping the ball og take a huuuuuuge turf.
    Hope you can help me

  3. how do you stop a push that fades with a pure strike with my irons? strike is really good but got no control with my direction which confuses me as it feels like a solid shot. I used to have a big draw which seems to have just gone so this also adds to my confusion

  4. Great video I have 1 and 2 of those death moves. I play of 9 and can make allowances but my consistency is dreadful. Going into the garage tonight to start working on the drills.

  5. How can you get more power out of your irons without trying to swing harder and miss up your swing or hitting the ground behind your ball?

  6. I have struggled with my long irons (4, 3 etc). I hit my six iron at 165-175 usually, but can rarely get my long irons further than that. They go low, short, and usually either push or fade right. I don't have the feeling of pure strike that I do with my shorter irons, although I think I am swinging at them the same. My drive is usually 285+ so I don't use them on many holes, but I would love to be able to hit my long irons on the long par 3 (190 yards) and to try and get there in 2 on the par 5s (my fairway woods are not consistent enough to get there in a controlled, consistent fashion).

  7. I've done all three of these. Correcting the last one was the most important for me. I was thinking maybe also facing the label towards the back of the ball would help too similar to this. Reverse K and that one-piece takeaway are so important.

  8. Shout out to the cameraman. Great cloud separation. Use filters or post-production edits?

    Andy and Piers – appreciate you guys too…of course. ???? Your explanations make sense, and that makes all the difference in application of the instruction.

  9. I am struggling to close the club face at impact. I've worked on my out to in path and now instead of a fade/slice that starts left, I have a push – fade which leaves me even more off target. I don't think I'm letting my right hand overtake my left hand in time. Any drills for that?

  10. Great videos guys, can you do a video on hitting the ball when it is below or above the level of your feet. I play at Gleddoch in Scotland and the course is on the side of a hill. The only flat ground is when we tee off lol. Thanks again for all the great videos.

  11. When hitting the driver at impact should your hands be in front of the head or level at impact

  12. Information packed video got to be up there with my favourite ones you have ever done. So much for me to practice and can't wait to get cracking as this is a weakness in my game. Thx very much as always guys

  13. I usually hit a draw, but every now and then it becomes a large push out to the right, I'm not sure if it is my swing path or not having my club face square enough

  14. My dudes. Love the content. I have a question, with requisite background: I'm a one-time power-lifter who still lifts weights,
    though no longer competing. Years of lifting has left me with little golf mobility at 37 years old. I stretch daily, and have been for some time. I watch all your videos, and a ton of golfer’s swings.  Just can’t replicate a “good” swing.  The
    more I try to replicate a good swing, the more my game suffers (like 95-105).  Sometimes I get very frustrated and just go out there to grip and rip.  That’s usually when I have my scores in the high 80’s.  At what point do I say "hey, this is how I'm built" and just go with whatever is working for me that day (an ends justifies the means attitude)?   What kind of drills to you recommend for stretching?

  15. Looks like both of your feet, for both players, are staggered (right foot back a little) to promote the draw on the full shot. Am I wrong? I have been working on this during my swing to promote the in to out swing path a bit more…

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