3 Golf swing myths when using the driver
This weeks impact show looks at 3 common myths that most amateur golfers say that you should be doing when using the driver, and how they can cause you to hit poor drives.



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  1. You guys should get kk downing on the show (Judas Priest guitarist owns the Astbury)

  2. i just told myself yesterday on the course " slow it down a bit, you Swing is to fast"

    now i know better. Thanks guys.

  3. Hey guys i thought i would say played -3 round there it was pretty good and came 2nd 🙂 im really looking forward to having a lesson with you guys during summer 🙂

  4. More great information from you guys!
    1 AND 2 might help me with some of that “rhythm” I have heard others speak about.

  5. The weekend duffer will find a lot ofvaluable information in this video. Good job guys!

  6. I just need help with slicing and hooking and topping the ball and my grip and my back swing and set up and my chipping and flop shots and putting, maybe my grip and probably my follow through and my body rotation and my club head speed and my feet position and weight distribution and my temper could definitely use some work. Other than that I'm a great golfer…

  7. idk if you guys have done one on torso rotation, im right handed and so in my back swing, im leaning to the left, same happens after i hit the ball, but ill lean to the right when the club is to my left, i can't seem to rotate smoothly when im bent towards the ball, i can do it while standing straight, any tips?

  8. All good information. As you know the left knee is slightly flexed pointing toward or in some cases past the ball at the top of the swing. In order to initiate my downswing in sequence I first kick my left knee forward and everything else falls into place. Agree??

  9. Why do some pro's take a slow backswing & then a normal speed downswing? They surely feel they have a better sense of control at the end of the backswing?

  10. I've just played for the first time in a month. I'm a 15 handicapper. My driving was all over the shop. It was mainly a high slice out right. I think it is me not rotating my hand through impact. Thanks

  11. such nice spring weather there in Shropshire 🙂 I know good weather…I live in Seattle ha. Great set of tips. Swing fast for me as a bad thing is coming back to fast which leads to me getting beyond stability/past parallel/lose spine angle — but from there I will think go fast or hit it hard because hard for me means drive bottom up and strike solid. Matsuyama is the great example (maybe a bit too much "and" for most people)

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