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4 Pairs Arm Sleeves UV Sun Protection Unisex Outdoor Cooling Arm Cover for Bike/Hiking/Golf/Fishing/Driving


Colour: Black,White,Pink, Light Blue
Size: Unisex & One size- Elastic Material,about 15″ long, 4″ diameter for upper arm, 3″ for wrist.
Ultimate UV Protection: UV-R, UV-A, UV-B BLOCK 98%, protect your arms from aging, sun-burn; Arm-Cooling; Moisture Wicking etc.

Product Features

  • ✔ UV Protection over 98%,protect your arms from aging,sun-burn,Arm- Cooling,Moisture Wicking etc.
  • ✔ 4 pairs different color sun sleeves-Black,White,Pink,Light Blue .
  • ✔ About 15″ long, 4″ diameter for upper arm,3″ for wrist.
  • ✔ Stretchy,fast sweat kick-away & fast dry.
  • ✔ Cooler than Bare Skin Perfect for Outdoor and Indoor Activities even Work-space.

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