45″ Golf Swing Training Aid for Strength and Tempo by Trademark Innovations

The golf swing is one of the most intricate aspects of anyone’s golf game. This flexible shaft golf swing trainer will help in building strength and tempo for the swing motion. The 45″ long flexible shaft gives the user a low impact stretch. Used repetitively, the trainer give the user a beneficial core work out while strengthening the forearms and wrist muscles. Balance and synchronization will also improve with continued use as the body gets accustomed to the arms and torso creating a fluid movement. For indoor or outdoor use. By Trademark Innovations.

Product Features

  • 45″ long flexible shaft provides a low impact stretch while swinging
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Used repetitively, the trainer provides a good core work out and also strengthens arm and wrist muscles
  • Helps to synchronize the arms and torso while swinging to create a fluid tempo
  • By Trademark Innovations

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  1. Great device at a great price This is essentially the same design as the more expensive alternatives available here and elsewhere.Used frequently, this will assist in tempo, lag and swing plane.For me, overswinging with the driver and fairway woods lead to re-gripping, miss-hits, pulls and slices.You absolutely cannot over swing with this device.A smooth swing coupled with proper fundamentals deliver the best results on the golf course.This is an inexpensive tool to get better results off the…