£50 vs £479 Driver Test I Slazenger vs TaylorMade I Golf Monthly

► In this video, Neil Tappin tests two drivers at opposite ends of the price spectrum – the TaylorMade M3 and the Slazenger P500. Can a £50 driver compete with one that costs over £450 – we find out!

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  1. Sometimes I wonder about the whole marketing behind latest technology. Are 3 to 5 yards worth the extra money? About dispersion, the average golfer is looking for a ball in the fairway, or very close to it. And yours look to be in play most of the time. Yeap, so much for the ultra expensive drivers and let's consider investing the money on INSTRUCTION….

  2. Proves that spunking $500 on a driver is pointless, the correct shaft fitting is what everybody seeks,

  3. Thanks for this comparison,I've seen the Slazenger driver in Sports Direct and it doesn't look to bad. Put a good shaft in it and save £300.

  4. From my point of view I would like to know the actual manufacturing cost of each driver.
    I would bet there is not a lot of difference.
    The difference in the retail price is probably due to the TM advertising marketing cost, paying top player(s) £millions to play tournaments with it, etc.

  5. Go somewhere in the middle – Like ordering wine at a restaurant. Cheap is expensive, guarantee you wont get a full season out of the slaz if you play once a week during the season. Loads of great deals on models 3/4 years back. Until this year I played a Cleveland Hi-bore driver from 2006, struggled to let go of it.

  6. I think it would be a much more valid test if you had an average golfer testing the two divers with regular shafts. I doubt there would be much real world difference.

  7. The Slazenger performs well in the hands of a pro but it would be interesting to see an average golfer hit it. At around 1950 rpm backspin for a fast hitter is a slower swinger going to find the ball dropping out of the air?

  8. TM drivers always felt crap to me. Go for the Ping G, great feel and forgiveness. And a good price