A golf lesson from ben hogan and his golf swing in biz hub slo-mo swing vision style

As described by the great man himself. If you are under 40 yrs old, you may never have seen this. The same fundamentals Hogan describes are still used by many of the worlds top players.

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  2. think of separation. The left hip from the left arm at the start of the downswing. Left arm resistance gets you in the slot and avoids casting. Think of left hip moving toward the target and the left arm trying to go the other way.

  3. is this a baseball swing anyone?looks very much like one.just trying to get a image in my mind so i can mimic this.

  4. what a gent if you don't mind ill demonstrate why would any one mind advice from the great ben hogan

  5. This video just shows how his statement that to hit good golf shots one must take every instinct they have and reverse it rings absolutely true. 

    The full shoulder turn and width in his back swing are due to by pulling his right scapula in towards his spine while gently moving onto his left leg, vs pushing his left shoulder down and around while reaching backwards with his arms.

    He moves his hips toward the target but keeps the center of his chest and head  behind the ball vs letting them follow the hips toward the target.

    His obliques pull his core around instead of throwing his right shoulder over the top.

    His arms are passive which keeps the club on plane and allows for lag  instead of throwing his hands at the ball, going over the top and casting.  

    The entire swing is the reverse of what the average person will do when they pick up a golf club and try to hit a ball.

  6. Breathtaking swing from one of the all
    time great players and teachers of the
    game. Poetry in motion, indeed!

  7. You people hae got to be kidding me this is not ben hogan and not advice from him you can clearly tell dont waste your time watching this if you think its actually ben hogan

  8. Just got back into golf after 8 years away from the game and by chance came across this great lesson from Mr. Hogan. For the first time in my life I am hitting the ball like I want. Hit the driving range for a few weeks and played a 9 hole course yesterday. WOW this really improved my game tenfold. No more wicked slice and i'm hitting my irons better than ever. For the first time bogeys outnumbered doubles and triples and I parred two holes in a row!. It's hard to believe such a simple and short lesson could make such a difference. All I can say is thank you Mr. Hogan for the lesson and all you contributed to this great game of golf.

  9. Ben… If you don't mind I am going to keep watching this video over and over for the rest of my life to hopefully one day get a 10th of your smoothness… Every golfer that ever played this sport should thank you for this video… It is truly sublime… Thank you, thank you

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