A Golf Swing You Can Trust

Most golfers never improve irrespective of what they try.

You needn’t be most golfers.

A Golf Swing You Can Trust is an original work by John Hoskison, a deep-thinking PGA player and teacher. Inside, John reveals how, after years of slicing, he went from the worst player on tour to the National PGA Professional Champion by using these simple techniques.

From the grip to the finish position, John coaches using humor and unique analogies to explain how the golf swing works, and how to build a swing you can trust.

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  1. The Golf Swing Simplified! The book was a very entertaining read for me. John’s stories and use of analogies really help to keep the reader engaged.There are a couple of hidden gems in the book that go a long way towards building a consistent golf swing. Along with John’s advice about the setup and Tracy Reed’s Dynamic Balance teachings. I have become very comfortable and confident with my setup. Keeping it simple is essential. Clouding one’s head with too many thoughts while over the ball only leads to…

  2. Just What I Needed There’s a reason why handicaps aren’t coming down despite all the gains in technology and instruction. In the case of learning the golf swing, more is not better. That is why this book was such a wonderful find. Mr. Hoskison breaks the golf swing down into its most important components, and in doing so, allows the golfer to adapt the instruction to his swing and body type, not the other way around.I have been playing for 5 years and I’m a decent player. I’ve read all the other…