Adam Scott Golf Swing: How to Compress a Golf Ball
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Adam Scott Golf Swing: How to Compress a Golf Ball

We all know Adam Scott is one of the best ball strikers on the PGA Tour. He really compresses the ball. I bet you would love to compress a golf ball like any of the best golfers in the world also?

Well you may be surprised to find out that you are probably trying to go about this the wrong way. One of the biggest myths on compression is that you need to hit down on the ball significantly. In reality, for the most compression you will want to come in with a pretty shallow angle of attack.

I will show you exactly how to gain compression and start blowing it by your friends with this video.

I am looking forward to working with you much more in the future!!

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  1. unless im mistaken, adam seems to have a body release, you say his swing is close to your method yet you promote 'dumping the club at the ball' in your other videos. adams arms are tightly compacted even through the follow thru, theres no flipping his right hand and throwing the club at the ball here. 

  2. So, why all this trouble to deloft the club? Why not just use a club that is slightly less lofted? What would be the difference with using a less lofted club?

  3. But Why? Why does this give you more spin? It seems to me that the steeper you come down the easier it is to make solid contact, and having good contact will give you your maximum amount of spin. I would take consistent ball striking over better compression any day. 

  4. do you really think amateurs are going to remember all this when trying to hit a golf ball? lol

  5. dude, if you dont need to hit down on it, why do every other instructor or pro golfer or golf commentator say that all the time(you have to hit down on it) LOL man

  6. Fantastic video once again, Clay… I understand it, but can't seem to do it – being a long-time 'flipper' has to be the the most difficult swing fault to overcome!

  7. People misunderstand how important this video is ive used this to cure my shank and am now hitting some beautiful shots after 20 years of playing this has help me enormously, stacking the left side at impact for right handed golfer . I get this totally . it doesnt mean being steep on the way down as the club travels parallel to down as the weight shifts to a stacked position. Ive added width on the backswing by keeping my right arm in a good position and a tight takeaway, now i can shorten my backswing and really get some increased clubhead speed. hey Length & Accuracy

    Awesome vid man

  8. so what i take from this is still hit down on the ball, just not too steep and make sure your hands are out in front of the ball at impact. I'll try this next time.

  9. This is one of the premiere golf instruction videos on the internet. Kudos – keep up the good work.

  10. Such an idiot that he has no clue that we DON'T KNOW how to make better compression happen because he has no idea of how to communicate the concept. when you can't teach it simply then you don't know it and are just echoing what you heard others say.

  11. I have two questions. First, I recently changed a new iron set that has "stronger" loft for each club; e.g. 24 degree on 7 iron. Do we still apply same principle as this video suggested? Secondly, I measured distance between hitting with a tee and not using the tee. The difference is about 10-15 meter on same club, what should I check?

  12. Great video! Thanks! I stumbled onto the concept of dynamic loft while looking at PGA trackman stats and this does a great job of explaining why the PGA pros angle is so much lower than the loft of the club. Thanks again!

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