#AGGLive TaylorMade M1 Driver

#AGGLive TaylorMade M1 Driver, AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield will be talking about the TaylorMade M1 driver, with honesst and clear non corporate messages about your golf equipment and what it can do for your golf game.

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  1. Love the club and the new irons too. I'd pick up and play them in a heartbeat. Only thing holding me back is the price.

  2. There's only one thing for it crossfield. You get out there and test it for us and see for yourself what goes on. It's the proven way

  3. How much is it in dollars also do you think it would be good for me a 17 handicapper and I hit it 190

  4. Great show Mark keep them coming…. The chat room was buzzing too. Highlight was FifaBeasts hitting on Vici…. Too funny… Vici-my-FifaBeasts…

  5. Would love to see a driver/iron that is manufactured to provide maximum ball speeds, even though it would not be legal under current rules.

  6. Is this not just a rehash , repackaged design from the old mizuno 630 fast track system that Donald and Wood were gaming in 2010 – 2011? Interesting to hear your thoughts Mark. Curious to see how that old mizuno driver would compare in testing to today's modern day , movable weight equivalents.

  7. Unusual for us to agree on so much, especially in a 43min vid, but we are starting to see eye to eye in many aspects. Only one thing that I disagreed with what you said in the vid though, is that you said there was no price fixing allowed. Whilst in theory that is quite true. I think we both know what would happen if TM found out that I was selling any new TM product for cost price + VAT +£5 don't we? TM would pull the plug on my account for next year quicker than you can say 'T Track'. Which in affect in the real world, means it's still price fixing. Interesting stuff though. I much prefer these no nonsense honest vids, as long as you don't talk down to people, than all the immature stuff. Good work B+!

  8. Mark Crossfield , that was absolutely brilliant, I've had my criticisms before but seriously Mark keep up the great work .

  9. Im still in love with my SLDR i got for 120 pounds from my local pro, 11 degrees and neutral draw bias thing, its doing great, going to sleep now, competition tomorrow, great video mark