AJ Bonar Driver Lesson and Stan Leonard’s Secret | Be Better Golf

AJ Bonar talks about the driver and making “the move” with the hands (top of face over the bottom of the face) through impact. Also talks about Canadian Golf legend Stan Leonard’s key which was to cup the left wrist at set up and bow it through impact. Stan was good friends with Ben Hogan who did that same wrist cupping move but at the top of his swing. AJ contends they both did that so they could aggressively bow the wrist through impact without any fear of hooking it.

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  1. Why did you stop using AJ’s cupped right wrist at address technique? I tried it and it works great for me. I have always had quite a bit of shaft lean at address which puts the left wrist in a straighter position. I find that if I have shaft vertical at address that it cups the left wrist automatically and if I use a one piece takeaway that cup is maintained in the early part of the backswing. From there the left wrist want to bow automatically at impact. Your thoughts?

  2. This is absolute GOLD, thanks gentlemen! Brendon it would be great if you could do a close up of close up video of the wrist cupping in the setup and what the face looks like that AJ was talking about, it was hard to see from the distance this video was taken. Keep up the good work B! AJ, God bless, you don't look 74, I thought you where in your mid to late 60's.

  3. i accidentally put the ball on my driver position and damn i was hitting it so clean. this is a great video.

    thank you!

  4. Hi Brendon thanks for posting the video. Very interesting reading the mixed comments, I would like to add my support to A J Bonar, having watched videos from Mark Crossfield and Mike Malaska both agree the better player starts to understand face control and where the face is at impact. Leaving the face open with a cupped wrist means you can be more aggressive and really kill it (your own finish looked much more balanced and complete).

    Please watch video series Steve Elkington with Trent Dilfer his twirl is effectively the same watch his club face (Driver and irons) wide open at set up and great compression.

    Hate it or love it works…

  5. Yes, I'd like to see a closer look at that cupped-wrist view as well. Thanks. Could it be this easy?

  6. in the 80's i watched Lee Trevino give a clinic and he said if you want to draw it then open the clubface and your instincts will close it (cover) coming thru..used AJ's idea of driving the nail w/ this little cup in the left wrist and wow….thanks AJ and Brendon

  7. Complete nonsense!!!

    AJ Bonar's golf instructional teaching idea of "turning the top of the clubface over the lower half of the clubface" through impact – like a ping pong player hitting a top spin shot – essentially doesn't happen in a PGA tour golfer's golf swing action. If you can provide any incontrovertible proof that this happens, then I will donate $10,000 to your bebettergolf website.

    AJ Bonar's "idea" that cupping the left wrist at address (or at the end-backswing position) makes it more likely that a golfer will be able to come into impact with a bowed left wrist is totally irrational. Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm come into impact with a bowed left wrist. However, they bow their left wrist during their backswing action, and keep it bowed during the entire downswing. They do not ever attempt to bow it more as they approach impact "in order to turn the top of the clubface over the lower half of the clubface" – in the manner that AJ recommends (which would require a suddenly increasing degree of right forearm pronation). In fact, they have far less left wrist bowing at impact compared to the P6 position. Jordan Spieth's left wrist is 23 degrees bowed at P6 and only 9 degrees bowed at impact (based on 3-D motion analysis measurements).

  8. Hey brandon, is this possibly why several tour players have an open stance… are they opening the face and lining club head to target which would cause an open stance? I.e. bubba watson

  9. Thought this would never work. Tried it and just completely started bombing one after another

  10. I tried to turning the face down at impact, and I would have decent contact and better distance, however, just like Brandon said – everything was left. I never tried to open the club face or reverse DJ my left wrist while trying it. I might try this at the range tomorrow. I'll let whomever gives a fecal matter know how it turns out.