Australian PGA Professional Alan Staines talks about the best things of 2017. Golf equipment, golf course, best shots of 2017

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  1. Bought an ER2 a few months ago, and honestly it’s helped me out quite a bit. I’d like to say I was a fairly decent putter before I got it, but now that I have it, I can see why so many ppl have raved about it. It’s dropped my strokes gained and has taken me to another level, I’m extremely impressed.

    Also, thanks for the shirt Al, it’s perfect!

  2. i got the package now, thank you so much! did u try the Srixon 3 wood and what did u think of it?

  3. aren't the bridgestone tour b range the 2018 model ? I use the 330 s currently long and so much short game spin

  4. Alan and Richo thanks for the year of videos! They were informative and inspiring!
    Look forward to your channel in 2018👍🏻

  5. Enjoyed your video Alan, couldn’t agree more with the Ping G400&LST also evnroll putter I use the number 2 only used it once on proper greens due to the uk weather but so impressed with the roll and consistency even after 1 round and use on the putting green it’s probably the best putter I’ve ever used. Also the balls you chose can’t disagree both of what I use depending on how windy it is the TM TP5 much better in the wind can’t explain why that is but it’s better than the pro vx but in normal conditions the pro vx wins strange but works for me. Cheers and thanx again for all your hard work obviously including the lads for all their input as well. Keep going young man really enjoy your work.

  6. Ive spent lots in 2017 on new gear thanks to YouTube and the informative and passionate reviews from Al and the team. Look forward to lots more in 2018. Keep up the great work. 20k subscription by the end of 2018…!! TP5 is the best ball in the market by far in my opinion. M2 fairway, Ping G driver and Srixon 765 irons are my favourites.

  7. Great work guys, love the videos. Bring on 2018. Thinking of ordering some Snell balls what did you think of those Al?

  8. Great summary! Love the TP-5 as well. With so much great golf gear being released so often, and with people trying to save a buck, it would be cool to see “favorites” from the last five years…

  9. Ok, so full wedge shots… you mention your wedges going into lie/loft machine a lot. I’m a weekend golfer who practices post work 2-3 times a week. Do you play the full wedge shots middle/ back of stance and what do you recommend someone doing to their lie to help with those shots? I hear ppl say you want them flatter because a pull is a common miss. Plus do u recommend having all wedges the same length as the PW? Thanks

  10. Nice review, have you tried Mizuno SP 18 Forged Wedges (with Boron) ?

    I was recently looking into the T7 wedges, but after many YouTube reviews, I’m going to get the S18 wedges over the T7.

    Going to replace the GW in my JPX 900 Forged iron set with an S18 GW. Same 50/07 (loft/bounce) in both clubs.

    Mizuno has it right they offer almost every possible loft/bounce combo available in the S18 wedge series

    Also going for a 54/12 SW and 58/12 LW in the S18.

    Might even go for an S18 PW to replace my JPX 900 Forged PW. This is a bit extreme, what are your thoughts on this ?

  11. Recently got an M1 HL 3W recently. Easy off the deck, seeing more face gives confidence. Goes a country mile as well. Thanks for such a great year Alan and Richo.

  12. ah the good old 3-wood, it's a devil club eh, closest I've come to being comfortable is playing a 913F 15" with a RIP Phenom 70X. Agree on the TP5 to a degree but my favourite ball of the year is the OnCore Elixr, I've trialed almost everything and this thing is the duck's guts by far.

    Great content as always gents, happy new year to you and I look forward to watching in 2018, cheers!

  13. Also have mizuno all the way through the bag except for the driver and putter. 3 and 5 wood jpx ez, 4 hybrid jpx ez, 5 to pw jpx hot metals, s 18 wedges 50 56 60. Driver xxio 9 10.5 degrees stiff, putter Cleveland satin elevado countérbalanced. All fitted to me a mid handicapper who needs equipment that makes the game easier and more enjoyable. Pretty much full mizuno bag for an average golfer. Who would have thought.