ALL THIS FOR £25!! 😲Charity Shop Golf Challenge

ALL THIS FOR £25 😲Charity Shop Golf Challenge

In this video I hit the high street and find some unbelievably good deals on golf equipment in charity shops!!

Bid on the clubs here –
All profits from the auction will go back to Oxfam (the charity shop where the clubs were purchased)

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  1. I LOVED this video!

    Although they may only have been £24.99, I bet it’s still the most you’ve paid for clubs in years 😂

  2. you will do a lot better when your expectations are a lot lower. its just how people are and how our brains work.

  3. Different kind of video, awesome. Golf can be expensive and if you are just beginning that’s a great way to get a set of clubs to see if you really like the game.

  4. Great video Peter! My question is does your girlfriend play golf? And if so is there a couples video in the works for you guys? may be even a couples match with rick and his wife? That would be interesting to see.

  5. Great video again Pete and a lovely course played there a couple of times in the good old days of the tamsel tour

  6. Great idea and execution for a video topic, very refreshing. How about you compare that against the most expensive clubs money can buy?

  7. I remember the big Bertha and Taylor made burner were the club's to have but too expensive to have. u had a ping also what a bargain.

  8. You know you have to go head to head with Rick on a challenge like this now. Thrift stores only, forget $500, knock a zero off and cap the budget at $50 ahahaha.

  9. Hi there i do this sort of thing all the time with the older clubs from the loft.. and most of the time I score loads better… mad game this golf.. cool video 👍

  10. Great video. You have had great rounds with second hand clubs in the last couple of years… 🙂

  11. That is a FANTASTIC VALUE!!!! What a steal on a relatively decent set of clubs especially for a thrift shop!! Awesome video.

  12. Incredible video. Shows what can be done. One in the eye for expensive new clubs. -3, amazing.