Amazing Golf Swing Thoughts From Golfing Greats and Sport Psychologists: Thoughts from Hogan, Arnie, Jack, Tiger, Rory, Jason Day, and Sports … to Incorporate these into your golf game.

“The golf swing is like a suitcase, into which we try to pack too many things.” – John Updike.

Swing thoughts from Hogan, Arnie, Jack, Tiger, Rory, Jason Day, and Sports Psychologists, Dr. Bob Rotella, Dr. Joseph Parent, Dr. Gio Valiante and More.

Exercises and Drills are given so you can incorporate their thoughts and advice into your golf game and improve your consistency.

You’ll read about Adam Scott’s swing thought of “Getting His Left Side Through the Ball.”

Keegan Bradley’s “Relax your facial muscles.”

Rory McIlroy centers his thoughts on a swinging over a spot a foot in front of his ball.

Paula Creamer uses a thought to stand and “Feel Tall” like a linebacker in football before hitting the ball.

Well known Sport Psychologist’s suggestions and guidance ideas get stale as well. This book has new suggestions and exercises from the top Sport Psychologists in the world today.

Like suggestions on what to do to “Put the Wheels Back On” in Chapter 6 by Dr. Bob Winters.

And. “Muscles Have No Memory” by well know golf sports psychologist, Dr. Bob Rotella.

Read about the results of the research done by Georgia Psychologists studying the Psychological Benefits of the Pre-Shot routine entitled, “The Experience of Pre-Shot Routines among Professional Golfers: An Existential Phenomenological Investigation.”

And, read about how to “Get Your Mind As Still As Glass” by W. Timothy Gallway and much more.

“An excellent book to clear your mind of all distractions and improve your golf swing in a relaxed and entertaining way. Lots of key golf swing tips from well-known PGA pros and famous sport psychologists. Educational, original, intriguing and humorous.

-D. Johansson, Phoenix

“Great pro tips. I like having new swing thoughts for more consistent play. Old thoughts get stale. Drills and exercises are practical and most of them can be done anywhere.

-F. Davidson, Long Island

“Straightforward and to the point. Lots of pro golf swing tips, mental game thoughts and drills. It’s thought provoking and makes an entertaining gift to a golfer. Promotes discussion on all aspects of the golf game from Driving to Putting. I keep it on my bar or coffee table. Well done, Golfwell.”

-C. Garrick, Naples, FL

To become a more consistent golfer, read sample pages and get it now and make it all part of your game

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