My golf swing has undergone an amazing transformation. Looking back at 2010, I was trying to do the modern swing but luckily I learned about the classic swing from Ben Hogan and it changed my game and my life!

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  1. You have a unique talent to mimic positions and angles with your body going back to your days in Marshall Art and Dancing which is tough to do for most people.

  2. Christo, I have you to be honest. There's still quite of bit of your 2010 swing in your 2018 swing.

  3. As with every sports movement change, it is going to be minimal for the onlooker, but drastic for the performer. I can see two major differences (apart from the sequencing and lower body you yourself point out); shoulder tilt – your shoulder line is more tilted towards the ball now as opposed to before where it was tilted above the ball (more upright, at impact). Secondly, before you were hitting the ball back at adress position, while now you are moving through the ball and have rotated through the adress position when coming in to impact (much like throwing a ball).
    I have been watching you for a couple of years, and these two movement changes I have learnt from you have had the most impact on my swing and strike.
    Whenever i lose my game – I just come back and watch some Christo-videos for reminders, and my swing is soon back to where it should be :).