Amazing Indoor Golf Drills!

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The Play Inside Series is all about how you can improve your golf game without ever leaving the house!! In this first video we look at some golf swing fundamentals and what you can do to improve golf grip, alignment and posture at home.

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►Mental Game –

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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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  1. Going to order myself an alignment magnet. If it doesn’t work out for me I’ll sell it on to Ann Summers. Great vid 👍

  2. Great video once again peter currently working on a new grip so having clubs dotted around is a great idea. Just hope I remember to put them back in the bag 😂

  3. PETE , you are brilliantly simple in your discription of the golf swing. Most enjoyable and easily understandable, I'm going on Ebay to get a couple of enlinment sticks and one off those magnetic gadgets 👍👍😁😁

  4. Love it!! I really like the third drill!! I just need the magnet! Not that it needs confirmation but leaving the club in the kitchen changed my grip in such a short time…and also my waistline 😅

  5. Thank you for the great videos. The quality of the editing is getting very professional 👍👍 not that they were bad.

    Anyway. As the weather has been very bad, I've spent 3 weeks working on my putting and this is improving greatly. Great advice. Cheers

  6. Thanks Pete. I love the indoor drills; we are supposed to get 8 inches of snow tonight, so this is very timely.

    Additionally, when my wife starts finding golf clubs all over the house I can just point her to this video!

  7. Really good ideas, Peter…I will do a binge watch soon, 'cause I'll be able to practice in a couple of weeks…Cheers!!!

  8. Awesome stuff as always Pete! Indoor drills are something that I absolutely need due to work obligations keeping me from getting to practice at the range/course as much as I’d like. Also, thank you for continually putting out entire series all at once for our watching convenience. Really very cool of you!

  9. I use the R motion golf simulator, it’s a great way to practice indoors and it’s very affordable. You just attach the sensor to your club and make some swings! It will tell you your face to path, club head speed and also give you a pretty accurate reading of where the ball will go on a laptop or iPad. You can use foam balls indoors or bring it to a driving range and hit real balls. There is also a setting where you don’t have to hit a ball at all. Very useful information for any golfer trying to make swing changes or get better

  10. Hey Pete what am I suppose to do with this belly while putting the alignment stick on my nose and belt buckle?

  11. I like the drill where you grip the club halfway down the shaft and it gives you a better idea of where the club face is.