Amy Yang beautiful 1 Step golf swing

From Learn to play golf like professional golfer Amy Yang with the 1 Step to Better Golf Series 4-book series. Books include 1 Step to Better Golf, 1 Step to Hitting it Long, 1 Step to Perfect Putting, and 1 Step to Swinging Like Tiger Woods. There is no need to get custom golf equipment or attend an expensive golf school. Just read these golf instruction books.

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  1. This is the female version of Ernie Els. Her full motion swing looks like most players slow motion swing. This is something most people can't wrap their coconut around. How can someone hit the ball far yet swing so easy. Physics is the answer, not muscular effort. Learn to be a swinger not a hitter. Take note of the fact that her backswing and downswing are at the same speed.She did not jump out her shoes on the downswing, The body turns at a constant RPM, back and through and centripetal acceleration (physics) takes care of speeding up the clubhead on the downswing. Effortless power vs powerless effort

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