An Honest Discussion & Review of PXG Clubs – We did a little role reversal – Ian swings the new PXG 0311P Gen2 Irons in this video where we discuss PXG golf clubs, who they’re made for, and what we think of the company!

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois

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  1. Well Ian you are definitely a player….
    Very impressive ball striking and an absolute gem of a review….

  2. Great job guys. Good to see Ian hit a few. I would like to see some Mizunos reviewed. Maybe a comparison between Mizuno and Srixon irons. Thanks again.

  3. Many thanks for another excellent Vid Gents and the interesting role reversal, you both coped admirably. You have an excellent swing Ian, with an interesting forward movement of your head in the take away (is that deliberate)? Regarding PXG it`s interesting to see that they have helped launch a sub- category of Irons that has launched a number of "Me to" copies. However IMO despite the Price point I think that their Irons look ugly and almost everything about the company is vulgar and lacks class. But if Bob Parsons wants to continue investing his money into golf club development and that investment bears fruits that can be shared by all golfers, then their entry into the market is beneficial.

  4. Hit the PXG at local demo day the rep said they are a huge upgrade from older PXG. I didn’t feel that, I also thought the TM, Calloway apex and Srixon and Ping. (They really seam to copy a lot of ping features ) felt better and flew better. It wasn’t a fitting so I was just using stock shaft. I would pay more if it performed better or gave me more confidence but right now I’m not being tempted by them.

  5. Does PXG engineer their own shafts? I would not be surprised if they made their own shafts!

  6. Great video again. I think this is kind of a Scotty v any other putter manufacturer. Scotties are just as good as most putter, and performance wise may not warrant the price tag, but is a super premium product, good craftsmanship and attention to detail etc.

  7. Great to see you finally hit some shots Ian, swing is looking good you can show that more often 😉 (and great review, but that is standard with you guys) I had one question tho. I am an 19 handicapper at the moment and I am going to spend a whole year on just playing golf and improving a lot (only 18 years old at the moment). I am playing the Cobra Fly-Z irons. They have been great but they are regular shaft and I want something with more feeling, workability and something I can grow with on my way to the single handicap. I have tried the CB716 and I love the feeling, do you have anymore suggestions for me? It does not have to be the newest of the newest since new clubs are a bit to expensive.

  8. How can PXG make any money selling these clubs? You could have the top 10 golfers in the world playing PXG clubs and still 98% of the population would not consider PXG clubs due to cost. The other point is they are not any better than Callaway, Taylormade, Ping or any other iron to justify the ridiculous price they charge. Twice/three times the price for 1/2 yards more distance doesn't make sense

  9. I found it really interesting what you said about shallow swingers vs deep divot takers and sole width. I have played all kinds of irons in the 7 years I have played the game. From my current Ping G’s, Mizuno JPX line, down to Mizuno MP15’s. One sensation I have always felt about Wide soles, and many people look at me like I have two heads, is it almost feels like there is too much club head down there. Even good shots feel a tad fat. As I am playing more these days, and have a little more time to practice, definitely thinking of something a bit thinner. MP18SC, Titleist CB, even i Blade. I have always been a high ball hitter with a hook miss….a lot of what you said was like a light bulb going on.

    Not a fan at all of PXG, yet I still watch your reviews of everything because I know I am going to learn something. Thanks!! 👍

  10. Always great to see the results of these club tests and the role reversal made it even more interesting. I would suggest Ian and Matt do a "Why in the Bag" video of their choice of gear and maybe invite back previous customers who've been fitted for club(s) to do the same and hear the updates….A++ gents !!

  11. Taking a little closer look the second time around, I noticed you have a slight forward head movement during your backswing Ian. It occurs to me that it must drive Shawn Clement nuts to see that!!!…lol. I'd be curious to see a conversation and some analysis with you and Shawn around your swing.

  12. Very nice. So Ian and Matt are both golf robots, very discouraging being an old hack but I loved the information!! Maybe actually test that PXG against the P790 considering the money difference involved???

  13. Srixon z545/745 and z565/765 are just hard to beat for price and performance.

  14. Hey Ian it's Charlie, I'm the guy you saw at golftown today. Big fan it was really cool meeting you!!

  15. Might want to test the PXG 0311XF "distance" iron against the P790 "distance" iron as they are comparable ….not the PXG 0311P "player" iron.  Several have made that comparison and found similar results with the caveat that the PXG had the better feel.