Anatomy of the Single Plane Golf Swing

Todd Graves from the Graves Golf Academy explains Moe Norman’s Single Plane Golf Swing.

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Moe Norman

Anatomy of the Single Plane Golf Swing

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  1. I am over 65 and have used this method with very good results, just two comments….need to swing not hit at the ball, when you first go to this single plain your going to feel like hitting at the ball, cut back and work on a smooth swing letting ball get in the way, it will work……#2 release the hands like most swings, makes a big difference. again at first you feel like just hitting at he ball without releasing club….

  2. My thinking is…if you hit over a million balls practicing any motion, coupled with good hand eye coordination, you're gonna produce decent results. I don't buy into this being an easier way to swing. In theory, possibly..but like any other motion it is a little more complex than just working on one plane. Moe had exceptional leg action, as do all great champions..could this not have been his secret?

  3. just lay of of him. he can do it how he wants you can do what you want, if you quit complaining then maybe you would have the time to find the golf swing that best fits you.

  4. btw do not put really name in accounts it is major confidentiality issue for all other accounts

  5. been on this since the natural golf vhs tapes, had to make a couple adjustments for myself, good ez swing for shootin in the 80s on the weekends, thats all im lookin for

  6. Todd.  Norm insisted repeatedly that his right hand did nothing, "just along for the ride".  He said all the power came from his left side.  You are saying the exact opposite.

  7. Todd… I respect you as my teacher for SPS . I wish and I really want you to win at least one of senior PGA tour , by that way will be able to stop the question why no one using SPS win the PGA .
    (Thai student who waiting for your school in south east Asia)

  8. Bryson DeChambeau uses this and look at him. It works people, just have to adjust to it. Thanks Todd

  9. If Richard Simmons tried to explain the single plane swing, it would sound about like this. Endless babble about nothing.

  10. Moe's swing was not on a single-plane. If anyone can prove otherwise, please let me know. Past analysis of his swing has proven that he's on two different planes.

  11. Sorry Bud you do not reach en distance this kind of swing although you wil hit iT straight

  12. Adri- I am 62 years old. Bad back, etc. Best I could EVER get with conventional swing was about 225- 235 yards. With this swing I am getting 250- 265 at will. Baby draw and fade upon request. My irons are easily 15-20 yards farther. Before you judge it, you should try it. Honestly, I didn't believe it either. It took me three months to get these results.

  13. ive learned the moe swing for 2 years im now a master at hitting balls. shooting 2 under easy