Arccos Golf Performance Tracking System, GPS + Shot Tracking + Tour Analytics

Arccos Golf is the first ever, fully-automatic, real-time GPS and shot-tracking system.

Product Features

  • Golf’s first fully-automatic GPS and shot-tracking system
  • Pair sensors just once with each club and Arccos automatically tracks your statistics with zero interruptions to your game
  • Compatible only with IOS(does not work with android),Stats are available instantly on your iPhone, iPad and any tablet or computer anytime, anywhere.
  • Use the Arccos app for Apple Watch for additional features, including customized club recommendations and enhanced shot editing
  • Proprietary Tour Analytics platform translates every stat captured, letting you know how to apply it to improve your game
  • Please refer below the trouble shootings steps under Product Description

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  1. Best golf stats/shot tracking system for the price and ease of use So, I have been using the Arccos system for about 6 weeks and maybe 15-20 rounds of golf (I try to play 2-3 rounds a week). The system works by a sensor telling the iPhone app that a shot was taken (impact detection) with a specific club. The App then records the location for this shot. Very simple and no need to take the phone out of your pocket, which makes the whole process unobtrusive.Shot detection and distance tracking is very accurate and fast.I had used another app…

  2. Hands-Free game improvement system I didn’t buy my system through Amazon but I have had it on my clubs most of the year so far. It’s really a great way to track your stats and look back over your rounds over the course of the year. I can now see exactly how far I hit my clubs instead of just guessing. Others have talked about battery life…I have a 6+ and just let the app run during my round and I haven’t seen anymore than a 15% drop off a full charge. That’s with normal use during the round also. Some pros and cons…