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Are Fake Golf Clubs Any Good AskGolfGuru, more Q&A with mark Crossfield this time talking about fake clubs and if there is any difference between real golf clubs and the fake ones. Play your best golf with your best golf clubs.

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  1. hi Mark,

    Would you be able to touch upon uniflex vs regular vs stiff shafts? I'm an average player and unsure of what to get. Love the videos!


  2. Hi Mark

    I'd be more interested in your opinion on cheap clubs like Dunlop – their NZ9 driver gets very good reviews and costs around £40 new online – it would be really interesting to hear the opinion of a PGA Pro on cheaper off the shelf kit compared to the expensive stuff as I see so many people at the range or on the course with cheap kit.

  3. Hi Mark, love the videos! You have made me more aware of what to look for in clubs. I have been wondering about club care. What's best? Should I get a groove tool and do it myself? Who can refinish clubs? Any kind of information on this would be great!

  4. When you say "fake clubs" do you mean clubs that actually say "Taylor made"or "Callaway" on them but are clearly not made by these brands? Or do you mean cheaper clubs in general? I used to use a driver that was made by "Rimfire-Fire form" with an "Apollo" shaft, not very popular but was about $100 USD is that considered fake?

  5. Mark you should play knock offs and save the money to replace that iPad you keep flinging around 🙂

  6. Hi Mark, what are your thoughts on Ben Sayers M9's. Know my swing has major issues, but not sure weather the clubs are helping, seem difficult to get used to. Keep up the good work

  7. A friend bought fake mp-53s off site on Ebay. Those fake Mizunos weren't even forged. Lofts were way off and the DG S300 shafts also were fake. Even on Ebay becareful, if the price is 65-75% cheaper…it's a China fake!!

  8. Simply not true every time any of you buy real clubs you are in return buying china made clubs 95 % of all clubs and products come from Taiwan Titleist, Taylor-made, ping, even mizuno use china to make there products.  The only reason these big manufactures are so against buying fake clubs is when they pay some ass hole on tour like phil mickelson like 5 million to play there clubs well you get the picture.  Also there would be no one to complain about them like this guy. Lol  no there is nothing wrong with buying fake clubs if you do however put real shafts in them not fake, and they will play no different then any real club.  It is the swing not the club sorry big time golf manufactures  simply not true

  9. I bought a clone set of irons and they are literally no different than the originals except that they are 80% less in price. Same materials used, maybe besides grips. The manufacturer just buys the materials overseas which costs them less, which costs you less. I don't make enough money to be able to afford $300+ clubs and that's not including the putters and woods you need. I've improved my game dramatically with my clone clubs and I play with people that use the "real deal" and they can't tell the difference. And stealing music and buying clone clubs are completely different. I'm supporting a business and their motto is for all golfers to be able to afford to play. I would love to know what the mark up is on a brand new set of Callaways or TaylorMades is.

  10. There are fake clubs ,which are obviously trying to rip off name brand in so much as even counterfeiting the names. I have ping irons and a cobra driver, but I also have pinemeadow 4,5,6 hybrids. I have just a stock graphite shafts on them and I put golf pride medium grips to match my irons. Let me tell you these hybrids are built extremely well and the distance I get is comparable to any other club in that catergory,unless your talking Taylor Made who intentionally lower their lofts to fool people Into thinking they hit farther with their clubs then competitions clubs. I will probably buy a 7,8,9 set of hireko irons duked out with bad ass shafts and grips when it's time to replace my pings, maybe even giga golf's irons. These aren't knock offs these are well built 431 stainless steel heads. Order just 1 clubs and put all the stuff on it you want, won't cost you more then 65.00 to try a single club out and most have a 30 day no questions return policy.