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ARE GOLF CLUBS ALL THE SAME, todays daily vlog is talking golf equipment like Callaway, TaylorMade, Mizuno, Ping and many more elegant such companies.Talking is all modern golf equipment the same or can we actually see any difference from driver to driver. There are some pointless emotive family shots in this video and they have zero relevance to this content.

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  1. Great VLOG today – I recently had a custom iron fitting and the fitter steered me toward Callaway Steelhead XRs versus the Ping G's that I had my heart set on (based on demo hits and looks). I bought the XRs and generally happy but do regret a bit not buying what I really wanted. Goal is to improve so hoping the recommendation pays off.

  2. Lol..I presume the emotive family shots are a side swipe at the rather confusing inclusion of multiple pictures of Stephanie and her husband in the article…funny…funny

  3. love this vlog. you are blessed with a great family. That is the best thing in life.
    I bought my clubs based on looks. the MP5 blades are beautiful. the feel is better than most blades I tried. Titleist MB has no forgiveness, but good looking, the Nike blades same look, and feel, but when looking online, Mizuno won. I still use a PING Anser driver and 3wood because nothing has come out that's better for my game. I buy new wedges, and love my blue S5 Wedges from Mizuno. Great forged feel. is all equipment the same? PXG will say no

  4. Mark, keep doing what you are doing fella. Take no notice of the touchy fools! Loving ur work bruh

  5. Another example of social media mock shock and fake outrage. The fact the daily mail entertains Katey Hopkins pretty much tells you everything they are about. In a way I feel sorry for Stephanie, maybe if she had seen the pole within its context and the landscape of discussion that was taking place over the last few days, then maybe she would have seen the pole for what it was. I hope she can take the time to watch your vlogs over the last week or so Mark, I think she would get a very different perspective of what you and your channel is all about. Mark the golf guru though lol. Get those business cards made up bruh! ????????

  6. Just read the extreamly one sided story of people bashing me 'guru'?! :,(
    I can't help but laugh when you read all the way down. Stephanie is quoted as saying ' he or she there should be no difference'! Which I 100% agree with. However the dailymail, the folks pushing that Mark is sexist and irresponsible, has put the article in their 'Femail' section on the site??????!!!! Really???? Pot? Kettle? Anybody???

  7. Daily Fail.Enough said. horrible paper.Just like the S*n. Its a badge of honour mate. ignore them. They care about themselves and there very solitary views. Pure Ignorance.

  8. Anyone notice that the pictures of the Lynx woman are all with her husband while the ones of Mark are all close-ups of him while he is in his kitchen? They seemed to want to put her in the best light.

  9. No wonder there's slow play people are banging out seven kids! Not enough golf courses to fit everyone on!

  10. Another 9 months and I'll be classed as a "senior" (55) member of my golf club!! OMG, I'm going to seriously offended by your un-elegant polls ???????????????? Love the content brah, keep it going ????????( P.S. keep it to yourself, I love the crumpet, marmite, cheese combo )

  11. After reading the article last night I was hoping to wake up this morning to find out that the real scandal was who authored the article, was it the ubiquitous one herself ? #fitupjob #insidejob

    As many have mentioned, the other content on the page turns the article into a joke. How could anyone going there to see "An article about by a successful woman, shouting down sexism" Only to be confronted with a bunch of "Money Shot" type pictures.

    After all you wouldn't want an impressionable young girl to see those images !!! #bodyissueformingcontent