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ARE GOLF CLUBS TOO EXPENSIVE, Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about golf clubs and the top end price that some manufactures are charging for their golf clubs. With the Callaway Epic irons and the PXG golf clubs from irons to drivers there are some very expensive options if you go that route. Will they make you hit the golf longer, driver the golf ball straighter and lower your scores.

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  1. I've never been burned by buying reasonably used equipment (trusted sources). If you buy new clubs and play with any frequency, your new clubs will be in the same condition within months. At 40-70% discount, I'll take the three year old offerings all day. Let the dream chasers absorb the majority of depreciation and I can get driver through putter of "top line" clubs for about $500 USD.

  2. I had a fitting with Ping fitter at my club, I realised new spec irons would cost be £700+ so I found some second hand good condition, exact spec required for £260 only instead of latest I got the previous generation, job done and they are great. There are shed loads of quality used stuff on market, discarded by people who feel they must have the latest. Their choice and that is fine. If you want the 'Rolex clubs' enjoy, will it make you play better, probably only for a couple of rounds. Just an opinion, everyone has one.

  3. the down side for me, since I buy used clubs, is that even used clubs are too high due to the initial cost of new ones. If cost=better quality, then that's one thing..but I don't see the "better" quality … of course, I don't believe there's one new car on any lot worth (to me) what the sticker says…no way…..

  4. £400 driver probably costs less than £100 to make?. I blame tiger. Equipment prices went up with the interest he created in the game. He made the game cool so it was cool to have cool equipment. bigger the interest bigger the mark up on the products

  5. I must admit that if I had £400+ pounds to spend on one club I would rather spend the money on lessons. That way I would like to think I would improve rather than trying to buy consistency.

  6. Just played 9 holes yesterday…..usually shoot 5 or 6 over, shot 1 over. In the bag was a 909 D3 Titliest driver (US-$40) Cobra 3 wood ($30) and some Cobra Bio-cell irons ($140)…Cleveland wedge ($25) and a Ping putter ($30)….4 or 5 year old equipment will do just fine if you want it to and you're a decent putter.

  7. you should do a reasonably priced club segment. $100 – $600. What are the best clubs coming out in these ranges? Good for college students perhaps.

  8. Unfortunately, I had my prized 1999 Callaway X-14’s and the entire bag stolen from me in 2016. Because I had an outstanding insurance company, they approved my claim for $3,050. Consequently, I bought a full set of Apex Pros 3-AW, BB Driver, 3-wood, hybrid, Odysee putter and new wedges, 56, 60 AND a new Callaway Staff bag. My point, my golf clubs are worth every nickel and I keep them insured.

  9. I bought a title last sorry bit drunk 12 years ago .905. .man I can smash it still. .not saying new stuff didn't move on ,but not for me. ..obviously love the vids mark..