Are links courses the best form of golf?

Are links courses the best form of golf? In this daily vlog we look at if links golf courses are the best and purest form of golf

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  1. Love links golf… Well certainly the idea of it anyway! I'd agree that it's the most pure test of a golfer's ability in terms of shot manipulation and control in the face of the elements. However, not quite the typical picturesque parkland like Augusta, Wentworth, etc.

    Also, love your swing Pete, it's so smooth – something to learn there I'm sure…

  2. I've been lucky to live in Scotland and have played all the iconic Open courses. I struggle on links courses, score wise, but places like St Andrews are so special that you start getting goosebumps as you drive into the town. It's all about the history. Good luck on the Old Course. The last time I played there I played pretty well but at times I had 70yd putts. 42 putts in the round is pretty shocking but I loved every second of it.

  3. Great job showcasing St Andrews, playing there in May. Keep up good work Pete and enjoy the Old Course.

  4. It’s hard to say here Pete… all Parkland here in the SE USA.

    My issue with links is that it totally depends on the wind to defend it. Very different course based on wind direction.

  5. I might be biased, but living on the Fylde coast and being a member at Fleetwood, Links golf is the best type of golf my a country mile.

  6. Links is the true test of golf, especially when the elements are against you.

    Amazing drone footage Pete, Scotland is the best country in the world bar none #proudscot

  7. Takes me back playing the different courses at St Andrews with my mates, some of whom are know longer with us. The price back then for the old course about £60 happy days.

  8. Played the course I was a member of on a Thursday evening September 8 years ago ball was pluging in fairway. Next day played Valley beside Royal Portrush , got 30 yards run on fairways greens holatined and sanded still faster and truer than my own course. And the kicker is you can not get stuck behind a tree. The wind and keeping to fairways makes these hard to play if you go into rough only play is wedge back to fairway. All year round golf if I lived near coast would be a links member.

  9. I live in co Laois in Ireland which is the most inland county in the country 🙈 so I don't get to play links that often but am dying to play one this year I've played Lahinch, which is known as "the St. Andrews of Ireland"

  10. Shinnecock Hills, this year's US Open, is Old Course cool with a much better championship test.
    Access is zero, but so is the Old Course without $$$$$ or time.

  11. I am a native Australian and we have some world class links e.g. barnbougle and cape Wickham (highly recommended)I just love links courses, you have so much variety and freedom with your shot selection but I don’t find that with park land styled golf courses. It’s really hard to say which one is best but I prefer links tbh.

  12. Links is best you have to play wide range of different shots. Me and three mate of to St. Andrews in may four day can’t wait

  13. Hey Peter, could you do a video sometime about the differences between links and parkland courses and specifically, how to play them? I am from America, so the closest courses we have to links are heathland. They are tough

  14. Need to get on the Castle Course at St Andrews Pete – favourite course ive ever played! Its can be even cheaper that £180 though… we get the winter deal they do which is 3 rounds on St Andrews (including a round on the old) for £120! absolute bargain and a fantastic place.

  15. Links is the best form of golf unfortunately don't get to play many . Would like to say also that the Open is the best major but that is my view .

  16. By far the the best courses in the world and the best test in creativity if shots. No two shots are the same, which I love. Played Prestatyn on 26th April in 20-25mph wind with gusts over 30mph. Just fantastic. Difficult, thought provoking for your next shot and even your next two shots. Granted I only shot 28 points but 39 points won, and he was in my group. So good scores are still out there. But you have to control your ball flight and plot your way round. Just love he challenge.

  17. Links all the way, if I had to choose to only play links or parkland it would be Links. Purest for of golf in my honest opinion