Are Scotty Cameron putters OVERPRICED?

Are Scotty Cameron putters OVERPRICED?
Rick Shiels tests the latest Scotty Cameron Select 2018 putter range
Costing $400 / £365 they are not cheap!


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  1. They're undoubtedly great putters but when you can get an good odyssey or Ping for almost half the price they're probably over priced.

  2. One thing I always never understood was people would pay 400 plus for a driver and not splash out on the putter, the golf club you will use the most in EVERY round of golf..

  3. I just bought the 2018 Newport 3 and absolutely love it. No buyer's remorse for me. 😉

  4. Over priced over rated
    There are plenty of other very good putters out there for a lot less that work feel just as good. Scottys are more of an image than anything else.

  5. It's all about the feel and confidence that the putter gives you, regardless of the price. The odyssey in my bag isn't going anywhere because it feels great, and I have confidence that it will perform as long as I do my part.

  6. First off, find what type of putter fits your stroke and what you like to look down at. To me, a Scotty is indeed like a fine watch. I bought a secondhand Newport 2 in 2008 off off Craigslist, sent it into scotty for a re-shaft, and went to work. It is still in my bag to this day with no plans of retirement. Only thing I have done is add a Superstroke and played with weighting on the bottom. Ive learned this putter inside and out and I putt fantastic with it. A Cameron putter to me is an investment in your putting game. Marry your Scotty, sleep with it, love it, fight with it, and stay together for the kids. It will be with you for the long haul if you treat it right. PS… I've never had a putter for more than 2 years until I purchased a Scotty Cameron. Unfortunately, the market is dictating the price right now… Still a great investment if you stick with it.

  7. I went from a 40$ CAN putter to a 300$ Scotty it took off 5 strokes on my game. I hit my driver maybe a couple times per round I hit my putter on every hole just about. Having the confidence on the greens really helps I feel like I can hole a putt from just about anywhere on the green

  8. I don’t believe they are priced as a function of worth. Rather, it is based on what the market will bare.

  9. I’ve owned an SC in the past but traded it in for a Nike Method years ago as I was putting inconsistently and found distance difficult to control. Last year I went out to buy either an SC, Evn-Roll or Bettinardi putter and tried a few. I ended up buying an Oddessy O-Works. That worked for me on the practice area in the shop. Saved me about 130 quid. I still love using it – don’t think I’ll be changing that stick for a while. If you are willing to spend that amount on a putter then try every one in the shop and see what one you put the ball in the hole the most with!

  10. @rickshiels…at the end of this video was me in my local golf shop comparing the Newport select notch back against the oddessy O-works 1w….the oddessy felt better and rolled better. I went to get a Scottie but remembered I tried an o-works on vacation last yr. I chose the oddessy. Scottie is not worth $400…just my opinion.

  11. I don't even have to watch this discussion video to tell you that they are way overpriced. Unless they can make every ball go in the hole even when you hit a bad putt.

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