Arm Lift In The Golf Swing

Should I lift the arms? Should I keep them passive? Does the shoulder turn elevate the arms? These are all good questions that have been around the game for a long long time. We’re going to share our take on the subject of arm lift in the golf and hopefully demonstrate it in a way that you might not have seen before.

This is an important topic because whatever happens in the backswing normally happens in reverse in the downswing.

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  1. Thanks guys! I'm addicted to this site. I would like more detail on the arm lift. How much is to much? Personally as of late I feel like I'm chopping wood as I take the club back. Seems like it allows for a more inside approach when coming back into the ball. Thanks again

  2. Riddle me this: What if you didn't try to Rotate your Shoulders and you didn't try to lift your arms? All you did was Rotate your Rib-cage leaving the arms and shoulders to be swung by Core Rotation. Get off the couch and try that. The mindset is, all my arms can do is Rise and Fall and all my Core can do is power the center link of rotary motion? The adjacent links will respond in kind. I will probably get boo-ed for that one, but try it..

  3. Mike that's excellent work. Thanks a lot! I recently found the necessity of lifting arms intentionally. This video confirmed my thought. My question is about the timing. Here is my method. The single piece takeaway with body rotation brings hands towards side and pass the back foot, and from there lift arms in a straight-up motion. So basically I break the backswing to two stages – rotate and then lift. Before I always tried to rotate body and lift arms concurrently but consistency was a problem. Sometimes the body rotation is over and sometime it is not enough. It was very hard for me to find the happy medium. But now with this two-stage motion it is easier in terms of timing. I took some videos of my swing from the back. I did not find any sudden change on the directions of the club head. It still travelled in fluid motion. Could you please let me know if I am doing the right thing? Hopefully I made some sense.

  4. So, if I am lifting my arms 29+ " in the back-swing there is no way they can be pinned to the chest? Also does this imply that I am applying physical force to lower the arms in the downswing?

  5. Thanks guys! Love the video! Can you do a video on arm drop in the down swing? I have a theory that since your right arm should have a bend in it, that the arms don't fully drop at impact. I am curious that if the arms raise 30 inches in the back swing how far do they drop at impact and at what point do they make the full drop. If you follow Ben Hogans recommended downswing sequence of Hips, shoulders, arms, then hands… Is it possible to show how much the hips and shoulders drop the arms before the arms actually have to independently lower either into ball or post impact? Keep up the great work!

  6. How about a demonstration of "Arm Lift", starting at Address Position, while eliminating all the Hip and the Shoulder Rotation?

  7. First off thanks for all the material you share freely.

    This topic is just fantastic and i really like how you reset the torso to straight up and down. Can’t wait til you guys continue the discussion and show the downswing portion to see how the arms move back down to impact for the same golfer (if he’s got a non quirky/very generic downswing).

  8. You guys should start a tennis channel like Clay Ballard top speed golf and tennis. Double dip!

  9. Excellent education about arms.  Too much misconception about arms in the golfing world.   thanks

  10. Because science…. It took me way longer to figure this stuff out because all the coaches are absolutely full of shyte. Fully useless.