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ARMS GO UP OR ARMS GO AROUND GOLF SWING golf lesson with PGA professional AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield. Mark talks about the backswing the path of the arms and the club for improved club path and better tee shots and irons into greens. Todays daily vlog helps another golfers with some simple and easy to follow golf swing ideas.

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Colin Selfridge says:

Congratulations on the new i-phone…..lovely

Andy M says:

Ffs Big Phils not playing it due to his daughters graduation.

Adam Flynn says:

i think adam scott could be a sneaky pick for the us open ????

Adam Flynn says:

i still haven't heard anything about the onion gravy??? Dont u do that with sausage and mash???
isnt it illegal to eat sausage and mash without onion gravy???

David Dickenson says:

Fowler is my pick

Simon George says:

Thomas Pieters, Sergio or Stenson

Matthew Jones says:

Thomas Pieters

fezzer says:

Going tomorrow to get fit. Looking forward to it.

TRT Brah says:

I'm thinking Rickie Fowler. He has been playing fantastic and has been the best putter on tour for months.

Paul Nolen says:

The pencil-grip tip is very helpful, Mark. I struggle with an inside laid off takeaway. Could I apply this to driver? Thanks bruh

point defense 90 says:

Mark loving the daily vlogs. Wasn't sure if I would at first (3 year subscriber) but glad I trusted you. Your kids are so cute they ALMOST make me want my own. CheersBruhv

Jay Kim says:

I hope you get money from the expresso machine company because I want to buy one after watching your vlogs.

amadan34 says:

Adam Scott or Kaymer

Joe Maier says:

Wow that's me!!! Thanks so much for the advice!

Cheng Xiao says:

Is his wife asian?

Ben Pegram says:

6 months of daily vlogs. Well done bruh!!!

J. Buer says:

Soon we will be sold a new technology called bladed tech, where the club is designed to give you more feedback to help train you to hit the club better. We will also get a newer technology in drivers. Forget the mess and haggle associated with adjustable drivers "play these new hozeled drivers. Get fit once and leave the tools in the workbench where they belong"!

Jeremy Hutchins says:

Rickie for the US Open win.

Peter DellOlio says:

Brandel Chamblee will win, oh wait, he's a no talent idiot.

Sergio gets #2!

Rod Torrie says:

Good Video. I have the same issues myself. Good drills to work on. Cheers Bruh

Jon Doe says:

I have a question. I am going to order some clubs from a reputable online store, and they have a little thing that fits the clubs to your height and wrist length to the floor. Is this a good way to do it? I don't have the cash to get fit, nor the money to buy the high end clubs.

Chris Bentley says:

Emiliano Grillo

Mike White says:

When do we get an Orla channel?

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