Arnold Palmer Golf Swing Analysis

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Lots of Dustin Johnson in Arnie’s swing. Check out the incredible angles created in the upper torso and shoulders and the depth of the midsection. This was one strong dude. He was so much fun to watch play: always teetering between brilliance and disaster. Nobody lashed it like Arnie.

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  1. @kyleroar every teaching pro knows that with a shut clubhead, you need fast hips or you have to not release the c lub as much, and that finish was Arnie's way of keeping the clubhead square at impact and not hitting a big hook with a shut clubface t impact

  2. Arnie was good for the game, a very nice man, very compassionate and friendly, no wonder he had so many fans, very humble as well, and I think some parts of his swing (i.e. the steep shoulder turn) were very advanced

  3. Arnie was good for the game, a very nice man, very compassionate and friendly, no wonder he had so many fans, very humble as well, and I think some parts of his swing (i.e. the steep shoulder turn) were very advanced, his shaft came in almost on the shaft plane for that ype of backswing, now thats talent

  4. @wdefrancesco this coming from a guy who's whole career (if that's what you can call it) relies on the criticism of others? speaking of people sounding like smug jackasses 😉

  5. Hey Wayne. Thanks for all the videos. I used to be a player who kept my left foot down on the ground because various pros preached that action. After watching so many classic players lift it, I started to apply it to my own game. I found that it helped me always have somewhere to send my weight, thus nearly eliminating the reverse pivot I would sometimes do under pressure. In doing so, it also added 20 yards instantly and helped me shallow out my downswing plane. Thoughts?

  6. Wayne, love the knock chamblee and stick up for tiger. i really like your break downs too. What do you think of Jeff Ritter's stuff on youtube?

  7. @wdefrancesco The announcers are addressing millions of couch potatoes ….Trying to make telecast entertaining for them. That little pain for the golfer and maybe there loved ones come with the territory. I choose to defend the viewers who are watching the golfers being criticized making thousands if not millions. Side note … Where are those golfers who had their swings ripped apart?

  8. I used to have lot of Arnold in my swing, shut face, steep shoulder turn. Problem was I didn't have Arnie's strength, and ability to clear my lower body fast enough. Not to mention I couldn't get much lag as I can't hinge it my left wrist past more the 70-80 degrees when it's bowed. If you're like Dustin or Arnie and can make it work though, more power to you.

  9. OMG! you are trying to give Arnold Palmer an on-line golf lesson? perhaps you have advice for the federal reserve regarding quantitative easing? WOW

  10. He is an idiot. Anyone who knows anything about scoring and not just watching videos of other people would understand why Jack, Gary, Arnie…are great and why you can't really argue with results. Not that I believe GS is anything but a moron troll trying to draw attention to himself. Some people can't get positive attention, so they have to resort to negative.

  11. If most amateur-hacker golfers slice (because of an open club face), why wouldn't we benefit from being more closed at the top? (ala Joe Dante)

  12. It doesn't seams like the second video was taken directly behind him more from a bout 5 feet to right, that changes all angles. 

  13. His left leg is very very active.  Takes a lot of weight off of it on the backswing.   Then his left knee slides way forward while swinging.  For having a lot of motion he sure stays in the same place.

  14. Teach people about Impact, Wayne. It's been proven from Miller Barber to Arnie to Ray Floyd that you don't need to be in the textbook positions to hit the ball effectively. Impact, pal…

  15. Nicklaus also lifted the heel. Makes it easier to coil. There were others. Early Hogan before his accident, for example.

  16. Mr. Palmer has such a great swing. So many good things about it. Daniel Berger looks to have a similar swing.