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Today’s Q&A

Q: I’m a beginner and I do not understand this concept (of using your body). I can stop at the top, then move my body (but not in a flowing motion). Could you please explain this?

In this Q&A I will show you a great drill you can do at home or on the range to help you stop using your arms!
The secret? Use your thumbs!
Find out what the exercise is and give it a try!
Please let me know what you think.

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  1. crazy good tip. concentrate on engaging abs in backswing so you can fire them them on the downswing.

  2. Hi Aimee, This is a great tip to get a feel for how to initiate the downswing but noticed when starting the backswing while doing this tip that it is easy to just turn your shoulders and pull your hands & arms way inside which would set you up for an over the top swing. I have found that my left shoulder has to turn a little under when going back to keep the swing on plane. (I hope I explained myself properly:))

  3. ive been playing for the last 15 years may handicap is 9 but i dont really feel i understand the swing until i saw your video.. now i can hit long and straight i used to draw and even hook a lot, now following your theory i feel i have more control of distance and ball flight.. i am from Davao City, Philippines.. thank u aimee..

  4. I think your drills are far better than most golf teaching professionals.Keep it up, Aimee.

  5. Another Brilliant Lesson, you are sooooo darn clever!

    I have been trying to feel that transition move ever since I first noticed your videos.

    I have a bad back and that turn, shift and turn technique has enabled me to continue playing this great game!

    Thanks, Aimee 😉

  6. Aimee who did you train with? Your distillation of the mechanics of golf is over the top! Do you do any clinics? Please notify me if and when you do. Doc

  7. Hi Aimee, Thanks for so many good swing drills and instruction. In the above drill for Proper Turn for Power, the forward move of the hips is a lateral shift. Do you believe that
    a defined lateral shift is more helpful for woman than the "turn in the barrel" type downswing? The pro I work withadvocates a downswing without a defined lateral shift. He says that there will be a slight shift naturally, but the rotation of the hips is what he wants to see. Your thoughts would be much appreciated.
    Cheryl S

  8. I love your videos. You have a great knowledge of the golf swing and the ability to really break down the golf swing into easy understandable drills and lessons. Best videos I have watched on youtube. Keep up the great work

  9. Thank you for this great drill for the proper way using the hips in the swing. I just picked up golfing and really stuggle with this in my lessons. And I have been looking for a great drill to help me. I kept swinging my shoulders in the upswing and slide my hips in the down swing. The way you described how should be done and feel was perfect. I will definitely use this drill everyday until my body does it naturally. I know that my instructor will be impressed in the improvement when I see him.

  10. I've been playing golf for almost 20 years. I've watched an awful lot of instructional videos. I have to say , this video really taught me a lot. It is one of the top 3 videos I've ever seen…………. Just excellent stuff.