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  1. Enjoyed this. Looks like a fun course. You know that you often come over the top. You know that you have a tendency sometimes to rotate your hips open early, and thus you feel that your hips spin out. Sure they have spun out, but this is because of the steeper OTT swing. Come over the top, hips will go along for the ride and up open too early and out of sequence. So fix the OTT, and your hips will rotate open on the downswing when they should. What I'm getting at is don't just reject rotational swing concepts and chase arm-driven swings, as you have the last year. Driving your swing with your arms is a one-way chase down a rabbit hole. You think a rotational swing is not for you because your hips are already wide open at impact- see the faulty reasoning? Focus on improving your move at transition.

    You are trying to shallow the wrong way using your hands/wrists. That is an inconsistent and flawed way to do it. Shallowing at transition starts with a proper centered pivot. Leave your hands up high as you start the pivot, and you will shallow naturally. Watch the FO view of Jordan Spieth's downswing in slow motion. Focus on his hands but then watch his pivot and legs. The proper pivot will keep the hands slotting in front of your body, and the hips and chest will open up later in the swing. You obviously don't want to consciously pull the hands down or throw the club head at the ball. You have not yet figured out how to properly shallow from the top and this is the magic key to change your game. Dana Dahlquist could teach you this move in 10 minutes. He's in your backyard. I would love to see you do a segment with him on this one thing. Keep it going- we are all rooting for you.

  2. Why did you decide to move away from the Dana dalquihst swing? I thought that was the best swing you've ha on the channel, no doubt it would perform

  3. Your longest iron you had in on a par 4 was a 9 iron. You're a sub 4 handicap…

  4. Hi Brendon
    Almost all your divot are going to the left and deep, you are going to do fade most of the time or if you close more your club face straight left , the first move for your hands on the down swing is suppose to go down not going forward to the ball, at the end of the back swing your hands are above your shoe-lace and the first move on the down swing your hands are already in front of your big toe, (over the top for divot going to the left and to steep for divot to deep).
    Have a good day

  5. Brendon if you check your P6 driver the face is a fair bit open.
    The practice swings you more or less stay in balance at the end though there's a big club recoil through just trying to swing too hard. But the majority of the real swings you can hardly ever stay in balance and hold the finish, there's usually a stagger off to the left.

  6. Have you tried hitting balls from a freezer at p2 position. Good pratice to be in good position .

  7. Hi Brendan, I'm wondering something: Is your right hand flattening out (to where it's parallel to your arm, instead of at an angle) about halfway through your downswing? Really asking, I tried going frame by frame but couldn't get a good angle to tell for sure.

    If so, is that on purpose?

  8. In all fairness, I do not understand why you went away from what Monte and Bobby taught you. Watching your videos, you where hitting the ball much more consistentley using their methods. You also seemed to enjoy what you where you improved and your scores where good.

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