Mark Crossfield ands the gang are talking backswing during their Ireland golf trip. See what we make of the backswing and how much it really matters and how much you need to focus or not on the backswing in your golf swing. For simple and easy to follow golf tips and golf instruction make sure you are subscribed and watching to help your golf game. Play your best golf while having fun at the same time.

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  1. The backswing becomes so much easier by setting spine angle, relative to club length with arms hanging straight off shoulders to grip. Turn left shoulder to aim at ball position plane. The backswing should be on a plane to allow the downswing plane, rotating with shoulders to allow hand pass to fall into the address position utilizing gravity assist down, instead of hands & arms extending away from body. Except with driver, in which the faster you accelerate the club, it will pull the arms & hands away from the center of gravity, which is your spine. You can use a 44.50 driver & turn it into the same swing arc as a 46 in. driver, ala Moe Norman, Bryson. Do the math by measurement & you will see. The driver swing is a different swing than for all shots when you need a negative angle of attack to get the ball air born.

  2. I think Dan's backswing method works as long as he stresses it only works if your downswing traces the path of your backswing. As MC mentioned. It is the method I use. I think it's a good tip but, like most tips in golf it is all relative to other factors. In terms of over backswinging why is this now "not the thing to do". The great Bobby Jones swing was long and across the target line (at the top) which helped him hit long shots from the inside. Of course everybody can't expect to be like BJ but, the technique shouldn't be looked down on.

  3. jealous of you guys playing tralee and ballybunion – and have a good weekend, week or life depending on when you see this

  4. Have a lovely life ….whatever day y’all are watching.
    Interesting chat there boys.
    I’m intrigued to know whether you boys have a different swing thought for driver opposed to irons …?

  5. Just had a lesson today on exactly this !! Too much wrist action at the top !! Cheers for video πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. Nine mins in, hope it was the wind Parfield and not you getting a sore throat. Can’t have an under the weather parfield.

  7. Why is my 5 wood the only Club I hit alright. I think lockey would be a good coach he has a relaxed manner which i think would suit me

  8. Very much like Dan my back swing is based on the type of shot I want to play. HOWEVER, when I play the back swing Dan described I do so to get the complete opposite shot shape to what he does. I.e his back swing for a fade is what I do for a draw. In a nutshell, just like the rest of golf, what works for one may not for another.

  9. I never think about the back swing. Much more important things to worry about. Don't want to confuse my little mind.