BAIHUISHOP Windproof Strong Frame Unbreakable Galaxy Pattern Golf Umbrella , Compact for Travel By Easy Carrying Sports Rain Umbrella


Our high quality construction makes the BAIHUISHOP umbrella the most sturdy and durable travel umbrella on the market. The extra durable wind resistant frame systems prevents the umbrella from easily flipping inside out and stays sturdy even when the wind is strong. That’s what you need to take along as a must have travel companion.


Our umbrellas use a durable stainless steel shaft to prevent bending or damage to the open/close mechanism. While most ‘windproof’ umbrellas only use 7 ribs, our umbrellas have 8 for greater strength. We also use the best combination of rib materials. A stainless steel inner section is reinforced with hardened plastic at stress points. The outer portion of our ribs is made with a fiberglass composite which allows a greater degree of damage free bending if the umbrella is subjected to especially fierce gusts of wind.


Fabric is completely waterproof . We’ve also added a special ‘hydrophobic’ fabric coating which causes water to bead and slide off the umbrella. This makes drying the umberella as easy as giving it a quick shake before stepping inside.

Common Usage Situations

In The Car, RV, Or Boat
Business Brief Case, Laptop Bag
Luggage, Business & Vacation Travel
School Book Bag, Bus Stop
Outside Work, Gardening
Baby Stroller, Diaper Bag
Hiking, Camping, Hunting
Lightweight Kids Can Use
Covers 2 Adults Comfortably
As a Gift You Can’t Go Wrong With An Umbrella It Will Get Used

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Product Features

  • import
  • Durable & Sturdy
  • Compact design to fit in tote bag
  • 3-section Folding Umbrella
  • Comfortable rubber Handle for easy grip
  • 40.55 Inch Coverage
  • 8 ribs
  • Fun gift for all ages

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