Chris Ryan talks about ball position and demonstrates with trackMan just how important ball position is.

Chris goes on to show you what affect varying the ball position can have on your golf swing and the resulting shot.

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  1. Great video as usual, Chris. Does this apply to drivers as well? If I wanted to draw my drives, should I tee it up closer to the middle of my stance?

  2. If there was a shot where it would help to hit a massive draw/fade, would you mind if somebody adjusted there ball position to hit the certain shape?

  3. Excellent video, Chris. I’ve never heard ball position described in terms of the way it can affect swing path. Should we use this information to create intentional draws or fades? I have always found it hard to intentionally manipulate my swing path relative to my target line.

  4. Very helpful video for developing more control and creative shots. How did the ball position effect the distance of the shots? Think I've heard some pros put draws/fades to adjust distances a few yards +/-? Thanks for all the effort you put into your vids!

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