Baseball Swing vs Golf Swing – In this video, Mike Sullivan shows how similar the golf swing and baseball swing really are.

Mike teaches golf at the Mike Sullivan Golf School in Raleigh, NC. Mike also teaches golf at corporate hospitality events all over the United States.

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  1. Mike, Looks like our last lesson. This has been extremely helpful. A good follow up video to this might be a face on view of the similarities of weight shift mechanics in both swings. This was also very helpful. Good lessons ! Thanks.

  2. Hmm. The problem I've been having with my golfing mechanics seems to be located at my wrist or elbow. I've had a couple of experienced golfers critique my swing and tell me everything looks good until just before my club head connects to the ball. I've played baseball for most of my life and in every single training camp I've attended taught me to maintain a 90 degree angle or "box" with your lead arm from chest, shoulder, and elbow all the way back to the bat. The issue I was having which continues to be challenging at times is maintaining a straight lead-arm on my back swing and not bending my elbow. Professional baseball players and coaches tell you that the sensation you should have when swinging a bat should be that of "throwing the bat" toward the ball which maximizes power in your baseball swing, but this includes maintaining the bent elbow or "box" with your lead arm. So in my golf swing I've noticed that if I minimize my back swing and concentrate on keeping my wrists and elbow stiff I am much more likely to hit the ball solid, but the power of my drive suffers. It's when I extend my back swing a little more that I run into different problems in my mechanics (either dropping shoulder or bending elbow/wrists). Currently looking for a video, practice, or tool I can use or study to rectify my bad habits or simulate the sensation of a proper swing.

  3. Besides points mentioned, you will also 'step out' (or move the weight forward) before hitting a baseball. This is same in golf swing.

  4. My problem is that my baseball swing tendency to keep weight on the back leg is making it hard to not slice the golf drive.

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