Basic Golf Equipment : Golf Club Lengths

Having the right golf club length can make or break your golf game. Learn how to pick the right club length for you in this free golf video about golf equipment and supplies.

Expert: Chris Murphy
Bio: Chris Murphy has been a stand-up comedian for more than 15 years.
Filmmaker: sam taybi

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  1. MENS for sure.. im 5 foot 3 and i use mens.. im only fifteen.. but i recommend a full cavity irons tho..

  2. @Iphoneuserrs im 5 ft 2, and looking for a cheaper golf set that would fit me… any ideas?

  3. @jubjubhomie i personally use the taylor made burners but thats for me. i recommend going to your local pro shop and just ask some questions on what works for you

  4. I'm 6'3". I just bought a used pair of irons from another guy that was 6'3". He said they were pretty ideal length for him so I took his advice. I seem to be hitting the balls pretty well. Only thing is it feels like I have to bend over slightly too much. i wish I could stand more straight up,l but then the club doesn't reach the ground obviously lol. I think I'm going to go get fitted at my local pro shop?