Be Careful With Modern Golf Drivers..

Be Careful With Modern Drivers – in this Finch Weekley we are looking at the low spin movement in golf driver technology plus discuss the YouTube Charity Golf Day

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  1. I like Ricks idea an if I was good enough I'd love to play in it but I'm just happy it's going to happen an get to watch it hopefully. As for the driver I know what you mean as iv got an sldr driver an when I catch it it flys but that's only maybe 3 out of 10 drives an the other 7 could really end up anywhere

  2. Hi Peter. I guess all changes in performance will always be incremental . Eventually technology will reach a pinnacle .

  3. Completely agree. There are a lot of players that would be drawn in by marketing promises of more distance only to find that their new $500 driver is no better. I'm still using my 2016 taylormade M2 which I was fitted for. Still does the job.

  4. Who doesn’t like the rider cup? Probably the best competition in the world along with the masters.

  5. Great insight. I know I need to improve my swing when I have the driver in my hand. Something about me changes when I get out the big stick and i hit the heel a lot.

  6. New drivers for me, means last years are cheaper!! I am usually using 2-3 years old equipment bc it is as good and much cheaper. New Golf equipment prices are ridiculous.

  7. Maybe 2% of golfers would benefit from any new technology!! Save your money and get fitted for a 2-3 year old set and get on the practice range more often.

  8. Hi Pete, I currently use a 10.5 Wilson 460cc driver and hit it everywhere off the face around 200-210 yards on the range. Would something like Ping G400 Max with it supposed forgiveness help and would also dropping down to a 9-9.5 loft driver increase distance? Thanks.

  9. That was top information. Thank you for that Peter. Best of luck to Rick on setting up the Open. I had commented earlier on another Channel stating that it sounds more exciting then waiting for the Masters.

  10. Thanks for your honesty. This should be mandatory watching before anyone who watches club reviews, then runs out to buy one. Most of us don't swing like you or other PGA pros. Some just think that club you just hit will get them out at 325 yds. without realizing why it won't work for them. $600 for a low spin driver with a 90 mph club head speed that won't go over 225 yrds. isn't very cost effective.

  11. USGA prohibits drivers with a COR of 0.830. Most major drivers are right up against this limit, so to hit the ball further the swing speed has to increase, spin and launch angle. After that it comes down to off-center hits, which may be the biggest differentiator for most of us hackers. I would love to see some comparisons made EXCLUDING on center hits (I remember one from about 2004 but after that …). If you want to put a cherry on that sundae, limit the swing speeds to sub 100 mph as well. Frankly I enjoy watching tests by pros with swing speeds I will never approach, but the results are frankly irrelevant to most viewers. Love your channel, just asking for a test or two for the rest of us as well.

  12. liked this video and when buying a driver you get lost off with all the tech that comes with it i get confused but am looking to get new one as my clubs got knicked looking at callaway rogue the new cobra speed or the titleist ts3 which would you say is best out of those peter

  13. i have a R15 TP 430 10.5 degree….thats a beast with low spin plus i have a speeder 757 evolution(low spin shaft) in it 😉 xstiff

  14. Another great video. I think the major companies are going crazy with the price of these new drivers. I play a 2016 M2 and I've tried the new ones and the results are pretty much the same.

  15. Excellent point about backspin and spreading it all over the clubface. Makes me feel so much better about my backspin 😁

  16. So true. People don't understand loft is their friend. I've fitted so many people that carry the ball 220 to 230 with a 9 degree driver and could have carried the ball 20 to 30 yards farther with an 11 or 12 degree. People can't put their egos aside. Luke Donald plays stiff shafts in his irons and 20 handicap players insist they need stiff.

  17. Way too much focus on "Drivers".
    Anything in the last 5 years will be just fine, I had a driver that was 9 years old, replaced 2 weeks back with last years model ( huge reduction ) and TBH not much in it. Nothing that would impact my score on any day. Its got potential but I need to dial it in and that will take time.

    I used to think technology had advanced, but I now admit I was wrong, I've hit drivers that were regular shafts > 10 years old and they still went 300 yards and felt great.

  18. "New drivers same sucker's" 😂👍 honestly speaking the new cobra looks the best value by far with the new drivers tested. Original epic now 200-250 first M1 M2 drivers 200 ish these were the longest straightest best bla bla bla ever even the m3 or M4 now sales price , remember guys the club manufacturers have limits that they cannot breach so if your thinking you can simply buy a golf club and magically bomb it 300 down the middle your exactly what they want, a fool with more money than sense 🏌️✌️

  19. Guys I just wanted to say this isn’t a video bashing club manufacturers, I LIKE a lot of the new gear coming out and will probably be switching into entirely new clubs this year. It’s fun testing them out and giving them a whack. This video is about how pushing towards lower spin rates might not be right for many golfers who don’t strike the ball consistently to optimise launch conditions. Remember with some modern drivers you can also alter the club/shaft combo to optimise spin for your game to help with dodgy strikes 👍