Before You Buy Your First Set of Golf Clubs


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  1. I'm on my my third set of pro clubs ( started in 1983 ) 90's King Cobra early 2000's PING G 2's and last year PING i200's just recently got my 3 iron so after woods bag,umbrella and accessories tee's balls gloves pocket club brush etc I've spent over 2300 dollars and counting but starting out just like your explaining is the way I did it with a closet bag at the golf course in 83 I worked at until I could buy my first set which were dept store none fitted but that's how you start out until you know you'll be playing long term the rest of your life ..

  2. When I first got into the game I started with just one wedge and a putter and cobbled together a mixed set, then this shady guy at a driving range sold me a set of counterfeit cobras.