Ben Hogan’s hands golf swing drill and exercise results

Hogan had educated hands when it came to golf. This video will show how you can educate your hands for superior ball striking.
Thanks to everyone who tested this little exercise.
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  1. man i freaking love you make the mornings so much better when i am having cereal makes my day come alive and productive

  2. Brilliant Steve. I just love the detail you go into in your lessons, especially this latest one. I don't want be a complete my numpty, but I guess you did lesson using the Eureka method?

  3. Hogan's 'Fundamentals' is one of only the few instruction books I have on the golf swing alongside Watson's 'Getting Up And Down' – funnily enough illustrated by the same dude with the wood cuts, Anthony Ravielli. Nice explanation, but if you're a long time flipper, it ain't easy to emulate!

  4. Brilliant Steve, Failed miserably in execution of the first part, gave up thought you'd had a blonde moment.

  5. Steveo-could you please do a combo video? I would like to hear how you would combine "Top passing bottom then closing" with your Hand Path video with the two canes/clubs on the ground ( this video really worked well for me). Thanks and I am learning very much from your channel- Subscribe button hit!

  6. Ridiculously great explanation and way to think of this. Been drawing and contacting beautifully today after watching yesterday!

  7. On the down swing I find it hard to get weight on left side I hit ball but I don’t seem to get weight and club to finished in position