Best Fairway Woods 2018 I Gear Test I Golf Monthly

► Neil Tappin tests a range of the latest fairway woods to see which one worked best for him!

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  1. Good video. Iv got the Callaway but in sub zero format. It's easy enough to hit from the deck and very long from the tee

  2. I really like the Callaways however for a rookie who's just gotten into golf a few months ago and needs a club to prsctice shots before I play, I think that's way to expensive for me do you have any models you would reccomend for a rookie at a good price?

  3. In my quest for the right fairways I've tried, been fitted for and owned pretty much everything out there this year. Rogue SZ, M3, M4, F8+ and finally settled on the G400 fairways. After an exhausting summer trying to get these bloody club right (3 wood in particular) the G400 has finally sorted me out. G400 5 wood, Hybrid and LST Driver are brilliant performers too.

  4. I own a set of these G 400 Ping Woods. Cannot say enough go things about them. Love the way they look behind the ball and the way they hit off the deck. They are a very easy club to hit and get up in the air. It works well off the tee for me too. Off the deck is more important then off the tee though as thats where the majority of shots are going to come from if you use a driver as most people do. Hitting a 3 wood of the deck or ground is difficult for many. Thats where the Ping really shines big time. I think its the most forgiving as well. I had difficulty hitting a 3 wood off the ground. That completely changed when I got the Ping G 400. 🙂 You just cannot beat them. Great review Neil. Spider Dubiel

  5. Just absurd not to include the cobra f8 – also, why would you take the titleist ts3, when you take the taylormade m4? Should be ts2 vs m4 and ts3 vs m3 if you’re looking for similar clubs.
    This review is messy and does not show anything.

  6. Seems to me that you should have the TS2 FW instead of the TS3 in this comparison. All the other FWs are not adjustable as the TS3 is.

  7. Ts2 works for me ,I found off the tee ts3 and ts2 about the same ,but ts2 off the ground much much easier .