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Best Golf Clubs For £400 AskGolfGuru, Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru talks golf clubs and what are the best clubs to buy with a limited budget. So you want to improve your golf game with new clubs, Titleist, Mizuno, Ping, Callaway or Mizuno and you dont have the funds to buy them so what is the best way forward.

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  1. I agree with David. Take a look at Adams. I recently bought a set of Idea Black CB3s for $245 American and absolutely love them. The Guru doesn't do Adams reviews but direct golf uk has some good ones on you tube. Mine were slightly used but had hardly a scratch on the soles. Look at the CB3s or CMBs they are great affordable irons.

  2. I've got the Adams Idea Black CB3's. Bought them a year a go for £600 aha, love the forged feel!.

  3. I'd go with ping! I picked up a mint condition, still wrapped set of i15's on eBay for £300.

  4. Last year, and with pings dot system for custom fitting I could just buy some made for me straight away 🙂

  5. i got Mizuno mp63's a year ago 399..clubhouse golf a very good online golf can get the mp69 blades now.for.the same price at snainton golf they have a youtube channel.they are very good as well.

  6. Hi Phill, I don't think Richardson got down to a 0 hcp , he managed to play ONE round of par golf a year after failing to break 100 . Doing it once is very different to playing to scratch consistantly, I'm sure you'll agree . Cheers, Nige .

  7. As long as you're thorough on eBay you can find great deals just picked up a set of mizuno mp 33 irons std length x100 shafts for 175$ grips were just a bit worn out but faces are great deep grooves and just typical wear

  8. Hi Mark, love your vids. i notice that the clubs you use sometimes have 4 small metal dots on the face. What are they?


  9. I always buy second hand eBay is my friend. I like being able to buy $800.00 sets of clubs for $250.00 in £ I think that like £1200.00 at £320.00 . obviously I don't really know the exchange rate lol
    Anyway, yes buy used just make sure you read the description before you buy

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