Best Golf Clubs Of 2018 I Gear Review I Golf Monthly

► Neil Tappin and Joel Tadman run down their three favourite golf clubs of 2018

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  1. Yeah always go into a fitting knowing which irons I want. End up being not the right irons for me but still want them 😂

  2. I got fitted for the G400 and the G400Max earlier this year and found both to be extremely forgiving and good for distance, I ended up choosing the G400 purely because I preferred the smaller head.
    I’ve also just updated and upgraded my AP1 712 irons to the Mizuno 919 forged, a stunning looking iron which feels amazing but is also forgiving.

  3. I do think the irons this year are much nicer looking than last year. i500, 919s, AP2 & 3, p760 all really pretty irons. What was the biggest surprise to me were the 919 Tours. I am not the target audience for those clubs but I tried a 7i and it was wonderful – so easy to hit, so easy to work the ball and just beautiful – admittedly the 5i is so small I would be scared of missing the ball completely! The 919 Forged is a little bit longer from heel to toe than I like, but was probably the straightest hitting iron I have tried – if anything too straight because it was really hard to put any shape on the ball. But I would love to have a 5i & 6i in the 919 Forged

  4. Great video guys
    Booked for a fitting This coming Friday 16th, i500 and JPX 919s. Have a G400LST which is fantastic
    Keep up the great reviews

  5. It’s funny when people say Ping irons are good looking. They sure have come a long way. When ping first started irons good looking was a word no one would have used.

  6. I flew over to Toronto in July for a full Bag fitting with TXG (which was an amazing experience). During the 2 day fitting I tried so many club and shaft combos, but the stand out club for me was the PING G400 MAX Driver. It is so easy to hit and is long and straight, which for me is a great result.

  7. Thanks for the great review. It was fantastic.
    My club of the year is Ping G400 max.
    I use GAPR Lo & Hi, i500, callaway md4, evnroll er1.2.

  8. Fantastic picks! This feels like the best time ever for golf clubs. I just need more time (and money) to try them all out…

  9. Got 4 vokeys as well in the same degrees – sm7’s at 46, 50, sm6’s at 54, 58. Glad to hear I’m not the only one !! Nice vlog as always.

  10. I finally was fitted for a new driver this year, replacing my ancient Titlist 975D for a Rogue 10.5degree bomber. What a huge impact that has made to my game!

  11. Lovely video lads, couldn’t agree more on the G400 Max, I didn’t get on too well with the initial release of the G400 line and didn’t expect much with the Max but I was obviously wrong. A really fantastic club, great forgiveness and distance. Keep up the good work 🏌🏻‍♂️

  12. Got to agree with Neil as I had a Titleist fitting for SM7's and immediately ordered two as replacements for my RTX's. Improved my short game. Also fitted for TS again with Titleist and have TS2 in 15 & 18 degree in the bag, they are so straight and I love the lower flight I get with these. The TS driver was tested but I couldn't improve on my 917D which was fitted earlier in the year….

  13. Got the g400 max and then got fitted for right shaft at Cool Clubs. Agree the feeling and sound could be better but now my driving game has never been this consistent and long. This staying for a looong time

  14. Cobra F8+ by far the best visual begins the ball and feel off the face! Switched from my rougue that I couldn’t control one bit to my cobra that I love.