Best Golf Swing Tip: Stay With Your Shot Dammit!

Best Golf Swing Tip: Stay With Your Shot Dammit!
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In this golf tip Alex Fortey from The Art of Simple Golf explains the most important and best golf swing tip that you must use every golf swing and shot you ever use.

When you use the benchmark and task as opposed to what your score was or how your swing feels, you will see unbelievable improvement in consistency of you golf swing and the power of your golf swing.

You see staying with your golf shot is all about feel and focus.

Are you sticking to the objective and matching your swing feel the the specific shot you want for the first portion, but did you keep the feel and objective and shot shape in your mind right from the get go until the ball is well off into the distance?

If you black out, if you think about golf swing positions, you are not staying with your shot and you will struggle to see consistent golf improvement. If there is a secret to golf, this is right up there in important principles.

we all know that playing golf is fun even when you’re not hitting it great, but imagine the thrill of maneuvering the ball into perfect position on every swing and not worrying about the next big miss. I assure you, it’s magic.

Even if you have more than a few things wrong with your technique, I’ll bet I can solve a bunch of them with one easy tip.

We have so many simple golf fixes that we bring you with The Art Of Simple Golf, and this one is near the top of the list.

I’ve seen it work on golfers of all levels, from high-handicappers with chronic slices to the pros I played against. Heck, I use it when my own swing falls off track.

So give this a try

Simple Golf Swing |

A better golf swing that produces good ball striking, more consistency and an increase of power can be accomplished by having a good finish position.

The saying goes “start as you mean to go on” but let’s think about “finish as you mean to start”

If you have a good finish position, good movements in the swing have to of occurred throughout the golf swing to get there and today you see some drills to help you do just that.

We have the golf swing and your total game boiled down to the most simple golf swing tips If you’re looking to get more power and consistency while improving key fundamentals!

Start having real control of your golf game. Be able to hit any shot, at any age, in golf with simple golf tips and lessons.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with The Art of Simple Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Alex Fortey

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Golf instruction as you know it is killing your golf game. It’s time for simple golf principles and no more b.s so you can play better golf.

Improve your golf game, swing and performance with our expert coaches, golf tips and golf lessons to help you play your ideal golf game without needing lots of hours to practice or train.

We help you increase swing speed, improve consistent golf swing and provide you great golf tips and practice drills to help you play better and effortless golf.

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