Best Golf Tip To Improve Consistency – Match Mid Point to Golf Swing

Best Golf Tip To Improve Consistency In Your Golf Swing

In this golf lesson video with Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf you get to see one of the most crucial simple golf tips that will give you more accuracy, improve your ball striking and ultimately give you more confidence and better scores.

This is one of the most important and simple golf tips that you can follow that will improve accuracy, swing speed and consistency in golf – Match an intermediate point to swing.

Do not make the mistake here of thinking you don’t need to try and be so precise because you are not a single figure golfer or anything… The more precise you are the better… Because you are telling your brain and body exactly what you want to do. If you think “just hit the ball”, if you are off a few % there, the results can be disastrous but if you are focussed on hitting a leaf 200 yards away, margin for error that hurts the end result will be minimal.

When you allow your brain to focus on a specific target it will, if you allow it perform a perfect golf swing specific to that intended target.

So like one of our other simple golf lessons on “taking dead aim” with each and every shot you hit, this takes it a one step further and helps you match the golf swing needed to hit that target with the shot shape, ball flight and trajectory that is optimal for that specific golf shot.

However, sometimes the brain can lose focus and struggles to dial in on a target that is far away… So if you make an intermediate point your main focus, you will give yourself a better chance of staying with the shot and executing a swing that delivers the desired rhythm and result that you were intending.

There is a reason Jack Nicklaus did just this.

Same goes for Justin Rose and many other PGA and Lpga Tour players. So it makes sense to use this simple golf tip to be more consistent because it has nothing to do with golf swing mechanics or instruction… It’s about letting your body focus on the objective and allowing a natural swing method to evolve.

Here is the process for every golf shot you hit;

1) Assess the lie, wind, distance.
2) Choose the shot shape and trajectory you ideally want to hit. (no matter your skill level, be precise in the picture you create)
3) Pick your intended target in distance.
3) With that point, draw a line back towards you ball and pick an exact spot a foot in front of your ball. This can be a leaf, dark blade of grass, anything to give you the precise direction.
4) Set up to the ball with the feel and lines that match to the intermediate point so everything about the set up are giving you the bast chance to execute the intended shot.
4) Now as you swing, keep the feel and checkpoints in relation to the intermediate point. And release over it with confidence.
5) Watch consistent and accurate golf shots fly.

This is such a simple golf tip but I assure you, your game will improve instantly if you apply this next time you play. Practice on the range first to try and get the gist of it and to feel the way the swing will respond to a target and shot shaped image picture if you allow it.

This is Golf. Simplified.

Your friend and coach,

Alex Fortey

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  1. so my goal is the ball to fly over the intermediate point? Or for my club to pass it on the follow through

  2. this is similar to Klassens' Power Point lesson. both are excellent tips to solid golf shots.

  3. There are several tips for how to play golf better
    Keep fit
    Position your feet correctly
    Learn the correct body posture
    (I discovered these and why they work from Gavs Golf Tactic site )

  4. thx mate. this is really what i need when i play. i have good swing but sometimes just "didnt stay with the swing and cannot feel where my ball will go"…no i know what to do ! thank you so so much

  5. I have been playing golf for around 20 years, struggling to break 90. I was not able to achieve an outstanding round for the last 3-4 years till I finished reading these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it). I am not efficient when utilizing my irons. I could handle driver appropriately but could only reach a limited distance.

  6. Great tip, takes your mind off all the other stuff likely to cause a poor swing.
    BTW – you sound very much like Justin Rose and if you squint, look like him! – meant as a compliment. Lol
    Thanks again.

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